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  1. Yeah, I'll let him on. He kept playing with us, but I told him he should join the forums and get some of the music before joining the clan. I'll send him an invite soon here, he gets high speed on Wednesday. Maybe you all could link him to some good tunes?
  2. Joke all you want, I still would have shotgunned your face if you had said that while standing near me.
  3. @Leafy: You knew damn well I was leaving, don't try to act like you didn't. Well, I'm back as some of you have noticed, and multi team kicks ass! ESPECIALLY when you go into with a party of four, it splits you up and puts one on each team. That makes for good times. I'd like to thank everyone who was on and let my apartmate into the clan, very nice of you all, I wasn't even going to ask since she has no computer. I'm finally moved into my apartment, and have cable and internet, and recently got me a 2500 dollar electric piano. YES!!!! It is soooo crystal clear, I can't remember not having a piano since I was 6, so this is nice. And it will eventually pay for itself, what with not needing to keep the upkeep you need on a 'real' piano. Plus, it has a headphone jack, so you can practice without being heard. Anyway, enough about that, I'm really looking forward to playing with the clan again, I've missed the jolly days of 'pass the party leadership around'.
  4. Yellow, that link isn't working. So I'll be the good man and come on here and say, yes, he can kick my ass. heh. DAMN we've had some good games lately, unfortunately Leafy records the ones where I'm sleep deprived and sounding like a 5 year old on a sugar high. Heh heh. Boob bagging. Goooood shit.
  5. I work a LOT now. You guys get on too late for me. If it was one hour earlier, then you'd see me more often. Otherwise, I only get on on the weekends that i'm not doing anything.
  6. Awww... DAMN. It looks like most of the real clan got on after I quit!
  7. You make it sound like we don't have assholes IN the clan. There's at least one, (not saying who), and there's always someone playing when the leader forgets to close the party, and then we find out they have like 50 12 year olds in their friends list.... Anyway, I've been on a little lately, but haven't recognized the clan members on. So, if you all are playing and see me on, give me an invite.
  8. I'd like to apologize, and I've come up with a solution to my problem. How about... if you're going to be 'exploring' a level, make the party invite only? I mean, you don't want your friends list coming in anyway, and that would be a good way to let the clan know, you know? You could send out invites with the message "Hey, we're checking out (insert whatever it is you're doing), wanna join?" or something like that. Or maybe I'm the only one who gets pissed when they join a game just to get booted.
  9. Until July 11'th, you can only play the NEW new maps in custom games. After the auto update scheduled for that day, the current new maps (turf and sanctuary) will be placed into 'regular' matchmaking, and the 5 new maps will show up at a high rate in the team preview section. (Bungie.net ALSO said that they will appear in the rumble preview section, as far as I can tell, there isn't one. Does anyone know about this? I would play the preview games if you could choose between rumble and team... Never mind, no I wouldn't. Too much rampant cheating. Although Bungie ALSO said that the new update should take care of the cheating ((I just ran into a super jump user on a head to head BR rifle game on ascension)) so maybe I'll play preview then. All I can think of is maybe with the new update, they'll ADD a rumble preview section). Sooo, good luck finding people to get your groove on that don't have anything better to do than "duuuhhhh, let's find some new glitches with these new maps.... HEY WHY DID YOU KILL ME IN THE SLAYER GAME I SET UP?!?!? *drool*". Fuckers. I found THREE games last night that were custom using the new maps, where no one wanted to actually PLAY the game. ------------------------- I apologize for the rant at the end, and how hard it is to make head or tails of my post.
  10. wtf? You have the internet... that means that you already have 4 of those maps... that ALSO means you have the option of getting the 5 new ones for 8 dollars (40%) less... WHY?!?!?
  11. So, I'm downloading the new levels as I type this, and would just like to know who else is doing the same. I'd like a way to test them out without going into that cheat-filled "Team Preview" matchmaking list.
  12. So, I felt like a jackass. I was playing with some friends, and I sent Sonic an invite, then was like "Hey, do you guys mind if I invite someone in?". Apparently they did. Shit. So I had to ask Sonic to leave. Sorry Sonic.
  13. Soooo, I took out Halo 2 to pop in some Morrowind (after 3 hours of Halo), and BAM in the menu, Sonic came on. Sry guys, I said fuck it. I'd been playing all night already, and I just got the game of the year edition of Morrowind and am JUST learning how detailed of a world it is. Unfortunately, no manual. Hey, there's something to start a thread about......
  14. Quote of the night: Person A talking to person B "Yes, but what were you doing?" Person C "He was pissing on the cat, weren't you listening?" Person A. "I know that, I was asking what he was doing!" People C, D, E, and myself, "HE WAS PISSING ON THE CAT!!!"
  15. Yay!!! Now I own Halo 2!!! Heh. I had been playing my brothers copy for a while back, and then the last month or so was of a gamefly.com copy. I then bought it from gamefly (29.99) and it arrived today, so.... sweet. Now if only they would make Haloreoke revolution, volume pie, that would be sweet.
  16. Well holy fucktard.... I mean, wow. I know you're joking, but just... wow. lol. DAMN. Anyway, we had a killer storm last night and the cable and the net went out, so sry.
  17. Oh good, so I did show up as playing that. I wonder why they don't have it set up so my invites would pop up in the middle of the game? Or maybe I got my invites right when I quit playing. But that's highly unlikely.
  18. Lazy's making porno vids? I got like three invites last night, but I never joined 'Cause I just bought Karoake Revolution, and THAT is damn fun. Why the hell isn't it online play... That could be damn amusing. I turned off the singer, so when I don't know a song, I'm just trying to follow the 'tone bar', but I can never hit the right tone, so it's me warbling up and down trying to get hit the right note. DAMN fun. Especially with a 6 speaker setup around me. I did get one video Lazy posted, seems like she's a little too good with those grenades. Could work on headshots just a little bit with the BR and the Carbine, but goddamn those grenades are amazing.
  19. I gots to get up at 5 tomorrow, so I shouldn't be on tonight. In other words, if you see me on tonight and care about me, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL ME TO GET SOME SLEEP AND BOOT ME!!!! Otherwise, I'll know you just don't care
  20. Hey, that's pretty damn sweet, as the narcissist in me will allow me to point out that that was me as well!!
  21. Hey, awesome, thanks. I don't suppose you can boot someone just for having an annoying voice, can you?
  22. I just got another job (yay), but I have to work from 7 AM to 5 PM every monday through friday, so I won't be on most nights anymore, becuase you are all getting on at 10 my time, and I need my sleep. Sry 'bout that.
  23. .... It's gotta be kind of small. I gotta add it to my current sig without getting rid of anything.
  24. So, like I said, me and 'Becca pretty much always watch each other play, and the gaming stuff is in the bedroom anyway, so about the time I play with you all (It's an hour later for me over here in Ohio) she's definitely downstairs in the bed watching. So, here's what she came up with last night Here's a Member of their clan.... And here's a movie poster of Nubby the Nubbiest Nub. So... yeah, my girlfriend kicks all of your girlfriends asses. **EDIT** Especially Lazy's. Though that's hot.
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