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  1. Something like: "I lose alongside my clanmates every night"
  2. You sir, can go fuck yourself. (I mean that lightheartedly). The only time I killed ANYONE that didn't kill me first, was A. From all the damage I took it was obvious they were trying to kill me, B. They had just killed me and I respawned and got them, or C. When we finished up strategizing in the first level, and everyone started killing Lazy Leaf. (I thought everyone was just messing around, I'm really sorry you were upset about it). Oh, and then there was the one time I had the sword, and someone stuck me full of needles just to take it, and then I came back and killed him to take the sword back, and redchlorine took it. Then, he had to die. Which is prolly what he's bitching about. On another note, anyone know why grenade jumping wasn't working? Maybe they took it out of capture the flag and oddball, that would make sense. When I was practising it, it was in Slayer.
  3. Heh. Spent an hour practicing my grenade jumps on Lockout, I think a crash course in that would do the clan good.
  4. Oh yeah, I totally agree with all of that, it's just last time I was part of a 'planning' session, it was how to exploit the glitches in each level. Nothing wrong with trick jumping, they built Lockout AMAZINGLY for that shit, and almost every level has somewhere meant for the crouch-jump. Somewhere there was a video of the bungie people cooperating with the grenade jumping to get pretty much everywhere. They said they took out an overshield in that level becuase it made it too easy to grenade jump anywhere.
  5. First off, the warthog derby was EXCELLENT!!! Not as much fun as they were in Halo: Combat Evolved, but hey what can you do. Secondly, all this talk of practicing is making me nervous. I really can't be part of a clan that takes advantage of various glitches in the game. The crouch jump (Where you pull your knees up at the last second) is not a glitch, they mention that in the loading screens on LIVE itself, so that's legit. However, if practising strategies means teaching everyone the super jump to get on the roof in Zanzibar, than count me out. I'm sure it won't come to that, just saying. Icy Guy showed us a sweet as hell falling through the level glitch yesterday, and that was awesome, all I'm saying is it wouldn't be awesome to use stuff like that in the rated games, you know what I mean? Anyway, this is the most fun I've had in a very long time, and I really enjoy this clan. And running over Icy Guy and Wingless.
  6. Uh, she pissed. sry. I had the voices coming through my speakers and the volume was down 'cause people were sleeping, so it was hard to hear. Hopefully haven't offended anyone.
  7. Sorry about that. You guys should post more 'etiquette' rules here, for all us newbies. Such as, don't steal Lazy Leaf's warthog and such. That's just the kind of thing I wish I had known going into it. heh heh. Damn was he pissed. Oh, and in a clan, what's a peon?
  8. It was.... really really different. I think they did it "about" as good as could be expected from the commercials. I was VERY happy that it used internal monologues throughtout the movie (for example the whale) AND had a narrarator. Without those, there was no way to do the jokes that the book had. I agree that a LOT was missing, and a lot was overdone, but I still laughed a lot.
  9. Heh. I'm always on anyway, so we'll see each other. Only reason I wasn't on when you sent the invite was we went to see the Hitchhiker's movie for Mother's day.
  10. Alright, awesome, got that. So, can anyone answer my question as to whether or not we should be on at 7? And what if everyone is on at the designated time, isn't there more than 16 people? What happens then? (BTW, in order to not look too bad in the clan, I went and got my Rumble Pit lvl up to 10)
  11. Yeah, that's what I was looking at when I made my question, I just wanted to know if I got it right. So, to join, do you send a buddy request to me, or do I send one to you?
  12. Oh dear god, I forgot to mention something. Hopefully, from the discussion I've been reading so far it won't matter much, but I'm not very good at all. Let me rephrase that. I'm pretty damn good at all the gametypes no one likes, and terrible at Slayer. I can't play Slayer, I can't play Team Slayer. I still enjoy it, just I'll bring the clan down something fierce. Anyway, if no one cares about that, I'd love to join the clan. Also, can anyone answer my question about the time?
  13. Hey, I just got Live, so this sounds sweet. I keep getting invites, but it's from people I've never met, and only played against once, and I see no reason for that. My gamer tag is Dr Marius I won't be on later tonight, 'cuase Saturday Night Live is on, but send me an invite, and I'll get it 'cuase I just got fired. Been spending a couple days of me time, while finding a new job. BTW, would 9:00 CST be 7:00 EDT (Ohio)? (I think Ohio's EDT)
  14. In Circle of the Moon, Hugh on Shooter mode is hard as hell. Took me over 20 tries to kill him. Now.... just to take care of dracula.
  15. I was happily awaiting this project, as this site would finally get a green greens remix, which it is lacking so much. Anyone who wants to 'stay away' from green greens can suck my ass. Not that I have any say around here, that's just my opinion. So start sucking.
  16. I'm completely stuck (I think this counts as a boss battle) in Ghosts 'n Goblins, the first time you have to fight two of those giant troll thingies that shoot fireballs at you. One jumps over you, and after that they're movements are truly completely random. Which means half the time they meet in the middle, leaving you no room at all since they start on both sides of the screen.
  17. Yes, it is true, I have nothing to add to the conversation at hand. However, I saw the discussion title, and had two put in my two cents: I recently beat the first Silent Hill game for the first time, without any walkthroughs or anything, and was amazed when I went to gamefaqs and found out how much more I can do with the game. I mean, I really love that I'm going to have a lot more fun with this game while I'm playing through Silent Hill 2. Endings and weapons to unlock.... I love that.
  18. YES!!!!!!!!! PHEAR THE WRATH OF DOCTOR MARIO????///??/??
  19. Not only am a stupid nooB, I'm a stupid pirating nooB. I just d-loaded fruity loops off of Kazaa, and I can't figure out what port my Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth thingamawhatsit is supposed to be set on. And without knowing that, I'm pretty sure I can't play midi in fruity loops. Any ideas people?
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