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  1. Was it just me or were the forums down for a couple of days? Anyway, I just moved to Bowling Green, (anyone near here?) and have no internet as of yet, except for when I'm here at the Gamer's Lounge. So, won't be on for a couple of weeks.
  2. Yeah.... I was that third guy. Jerk.
  3. I just said that me and General Ewok were playing if you would like to join. It was a 'spam' to all online members, which at the time were 3.
  4. I'll be on a lot more now, but it'll be late at night. Look for me!!! I borrowed Final Fantasy X-2 from a friend, she bought it at the same time she bought FFX. I was power playing through it so as to beat it before she needed it, sooo.... I'm back!!
  5. Me and General Ewok should be on real soon, within the hour at least. I'll go see if anyone's on right now, otherwise waiting for him.
  6. wtf? how do you lose your xbox? O.o I imagine it's quite similar to losing an SUV. *ZING*
  7. Today was fun, if short. Ewok's new girlfriend showed up half-unexpected, and 2 other people quit, and it was only 3. I left, 'cuase 3's no fun. **EDIT** Oh, and uh... W00t on hitting 100 hundred pages, fellas. Kick ass.
  8. I haven't been on lately, becuase I found this place called "The Gamer's Lounge" in Bowling Green, and it's fucking amazing. You can go there, and they have PC's, game systems, Magic the Gathering Tournaments, Tabletop RPG's, boardgames (rare), comics, everything. And blaring out over the speakers? Game music. About 70% of which is OCR stuff. I was like, whoa you guys play OCR! And they were like, yeah, we're the gamer's lounge, we kind of have to. Anyway, they have an NES challenge every month, and this month is Ninja Gaiden. Today was my day off workd (that's right, I have a job again!!!) and I got there when they opened at 2, at 7:30 I had beaten it!!! I had a crowd gathered once I beat THAT FUCKING JAQUIO!!!! , and then beat the third part on the first goddamned try. I'm soooo psyched, that means I get a month free there. Normally it's 2 bucks an hour if you use the electronic equipment, (free to lounge, or play magic, or anything else), but now I have a FREE MONTH and actual celebrity status. WHOO!!!!
  9. Actually, about 90% of the 'clan' is people that have never really played with us at all. Prolly why he's pruning it. On another note, after 58 hours I can finally move on to Liberty City Stories!
  10. Lol. My bad. I haven't changed my profile in forever, other than to update the sig. My AIM name is Shawn Marius, and is now fixed in my profile.
  11. Just thought I'd come in here and ask.... is anyone upset that I'm not on the forums as often as I used to be?
  12. We didn't play him. He just came into the room, said "Send me a friend request" and left.
  13. First off, Dr. Mario kicks Mario's ASS. Ganandorf's best move, (and it KICKS ASS, totally making up for anything you may say about him) is a running half jump into a down c-stick in midair. It's fast, and does a ton of damage, and will KO at fairly low percents, unless the guy jumps, in which case you slam him back to the ground. Pichu does more damage than Pikachu, and his best feature is the fact that his walk is as fast as most characters run. What can you do from a walk that you can't do in a run? C-stick. Use his walk forward into a C-stick forward and watch you're friends cry. ESEPCIALLY when you have bunny ears. If you can control the difference between him walking and running, you are a god with Pichu. Marth's Up B only hits once becuase it's meant to be a KO move. It sends people flying across the screen if you do it on top of them. To whoever said Luigi is a Mario clone... wtf man? His forward A and down A in midair are amazing.... He also floats! If that's not enough to tell you Luigi's supposed to be faught in the air... I dunno. C'mon, man! I think that was everything.
  14. All the tiers do is show who is better when you fuck with the game settings. If you leave them on the original default, and have it pick random levels, everyone is equal. That's why when me and my friends play, we have a rule that everyone has to pick random characters every match but the last match. The last match we call the All Star match, and that's the one where I get the untouchable Dr. Mario (obviously).
  15. It all depends on how you mash it. I've managed to do it several times, but I still haven't figured out exactly how to do it. IBu tonce I get it going, I often lose it after a second or two. As for the rest of your problems, I've never encountered those kinds of anomalies. I also don't remember ever fighting a Giant Luigi. Hmm, well Giant Luigi is just random on classic mode. But it does happen every time. As for characters running away, I guess thats also a random AI thing. Like, sometimes a character would just stand still and if you get close they'l go on platforms on the side of the screen (if any) etc. Btw, is it possible for every character to make an appearance as Metal character on Classic mode? because its often the same, yet some characters just NEVER make an appearance. Or does it depend on difficulty level? I do get Mewtwo sometimes, but hardly ever any of the bonus characters. The link smashing his sword thing, is just how fast you press it. It's REALLY fast. Try using your index finger. You'll either see what I mean, or never be able to please a woman. The people running away from you thing, we would call that the pussy fight. When playing classic, one of the rounds (it's always the same one, and it IS on purpose) they run away from you. It's to make you chase after them, so you can't use cheap tactics. (such as, getting them onto a ledge above you while charging up a smash. If you time it right, they'll fall for it EVERY time.)
  16. Me and Lazy were kicking ass last night.... sort of.... Lol. Okay, so we were getting pwned by my OTHER brother, XXHolocaust. That boy is insane. Anyway, I never see anyone on but her and Deej, and I only see her on when it's been confirmed beforehand that we'll play. Where is everyone?
  17. We would show them that by doing it. That's the only way to do it, and when we lose a match, saying 'yeah, well our rank is whatever' doesn't change shit. Show you're good by doing good, and once you've done that, your rank will reflect it. ************************************* Dude, I'm sry. My girlfriend left me on the day she was to become my fiance, and she kept the fucking ring. I'm just bitter. I still hold by what I said, but I didn't mean to be so harsh.
  18. It's funny, 'cuase me and him are brothers. On another note, have fun with your SWAT thing, however, the rest of us are still in the clan, and if we get 4 people on at a time, we are still going to play clan matches, regardless of whether we're good enough or not.
  19. OMG PICTURE WAS HERE! See, I'm just too lazy to get an image hosting account to upload my gif's I make in flash... Otherwise you'd see PENIS! with a little dancing person next to it. I hope to borrow a cord from work, so I may be on tonight doing something more useful than making flashing penises(peni?)! 8O ....................Oh my....
  20. I should be on for the next couple of weeks, my back's out and I can't work until April. The last couple of nights have been fun, I won't be on any Fridays though, the bar across the street has weekly karaoke!!!
  21. *Tear* We need to get together again, Wes. Oh god, Cyanide... *cries* The memories! *burts out crying* *sniff* ;_; Bumper hogs all night long..god..I miss those days...but hey we still play..just not as often. I've been really busy at school..and this weekend is teh big JOhn Mayer trio concert! booya. I'll try to get on tonight if I finish this paper in time..so yeah get online every one! I'll record toO! On another note! I nominate that this song be our Team Ocremix clan theme song! > http://halo.bungie.org/news.html?item=14186 OMG It's leafy! Where the FUCK have you been, we were supposed to play through doom 3!
  22. DON'T TAKE THIS AS A AN ASSHOLE APPROACH but Tales Of Symphonia has been $20 for about...7 months I worked at Kroger and there was a Meijer across the street (which i shopped at more than Kroger) and they had it for $20, but I bought Kingdom Hearts instead for $20. Hmmm...maybe i should go pick up Tales now, I finished KH like...a long time ago. Dr. Marius, that's the same game i watched u play on the Gamecube right? EDIT: I REALLY, REEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLY like peekaboo, but I made a name for it that fits better... Cyborg Ninja! No... I've never played Tales. There's a huge part of me that wants to, and then this other part shouts that I have no way to play the first ones in the Tales series. Maybe eventually. I think you're thinking of Skies of Arcadia. Except the graphics in Tales look much much better, unless you have something against that art style, that and I think it's in 2-d. Like 4 swords was. Speaking of crisp clear 2-d, anyone else seen the trailer for the new Ghouls and Ghosts on the PSP? Finally they're making a portable game for it! I've got a PSP myself, but if you really want to play the good games on it, you may as well stay home and play it, considering you're going to need an hour or two to really have fun with Lumines or Acid (The only games I have for it right now)
  23. I never saw Wespip, I guess I missed him. Although this Mr. B guy was just horrible! Almost reminded me of someone we used to play with.....
  24. That Lockout match was FUCKING EXTREME! It was random weapons all, 3 minutes king of the hill, with the hill NOT MOVING EVER, and by the end of the game we had 10 people trying for the hill (and one motherfucker standing back sniping the hill. Asshat.). Someone should make a picture to go along with the word asshat. It should be really really bad photoshop for maximum effectiveness. Like Weird Al's Poodlehat.
  25. It could link to Leafy's videos! BTW, check out godtower.com absolutely AMAZING game, only geniuses need apply I'm only on level 10 though..... But when you figure out answers it makes you feel sooooo good!
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