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  1. I submit any final boss from SaGa Frontier and the Egg from SaGa Frontier II. I swear, they made those things CRAZILY hard to beat. The only final boss from SaGa Frontier I actually managed to beat was Genocide Heart, and THAT was an accomplishment. Doubt I'll ever beat Egg, though. Good freaking grief...
  2. I have to admit, I was looking for a good Blast Hornet mix when I saw this over at VGMix. Knowing that BeatDrop, Matt Pollard, and Ailsean worked on it, I was fairly confident that this would at least be a good remix. I was never expecting to be blown away. Whoever managed to get that hornet to cooperate with you guys in this song should be given a lifetime's supply of royal jelly, cause it really added something to the feel of the song. Heavy guitar work (like the original, which is one of the reasons I like it), but just the right amount for the job. And when the song gets to the melody, you better watch out. That sucker will make your jaw hit the floor. Then, between the two sections of the melody you have this really nice, darkish guitar and electronica work which sets a real feel of the song, and adds to the suspense. I have, in fact, only one minor dislike of the song. The electronic voice at the end that announces who made it. I'm probably gonna use an audio editor to take that out, because it just doesn't....work for me. In fact, I find it highly annoying after what basically amounted to a full serving of kick arse. Other than that, this song couldn't dissapoint, unless for some reason you manage to DISLIKE work of this caliber.
  3. "Well, I'm sure someone'll disagree, but I'd have to go with the final boss of Terranigma. The advent of the 'save state' feature mad him (somewhat) easier, but before then, he's nearly impossible. Get this, he launches these myriad attacks at you, each doing obscene amounts of damage. Then he launches an attack that is impossible to dodge and drains away half of you hitpoints for a long time, eventually bringing you down to one hit point, regardless of how many hit points you've got, it is also one of the few times that you can hit him.. To top it off, his defense is so high that you can only do 1 or 2 points of damage to him on a hit, so you have to sit their pounding away for a good hour before he finally dies. Oh well, I guess if it were any less difficult I'd be disappointed. " "What was the final boss in Terranigma? Was it that big mechanical thing? Because if so, leveling up on those floating cube things will quickly make that boss a pushover." I don't know how to do quotes, so don't kill me. And that boss was Dark Gaia, version two. Pretty easy if you used X guard when he fires off his catastrophe maker and leveled up enought (level 32 or so I think). Also had to go to the back of the room so he'd come close (which is what I hated the most). Loved that game, but I didn't like the final boss music. I like the Dark Gaia music from Illusion of Gaia better. Personal most hated boss? Zophar. How many hitpoints DOES that guy have anyway? I didn't have triple sword when I first fought him, and didn't win. So I had to go back to an earlier save (which I had TONS of. I must have saved on a different file every hour of play) to go level up on some Chiro Mongrels until I got the tech. As well as the other ultimate techs. Even then, Zophar was one major headache. Still, you gotta love an enemy who is stubborn about dieing. Made getting there all worth it. Wish they had used the Star Dragon theme with the Star Dragon, though. It's such a good song...
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