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  1. Hello there. I used to post on these these forums many.. many moons ago. Not often, but now and then. It's been so long since my last visit (pleasantly surprised my account it still here), that I thought I'd better re-introduce myself: I live in New Zealand; Christchurch to be specific. I've been visiting OverClocked since back in the Webcomic days, enjoying the music on offer. I look forward to once again participating in threads, and as a matter of fact I'm off now to post a technical question. See you! note: I know it says I joined in 2002, but I was here earlier... something about a forum change I think. Really!
  2. Excellent stuff, very nostalgic tones. I agree with CouCou; those hard pans are a bit much on headphones, but otherwise a great tune to listen to! Atmospheric++
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