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  1. This is one of my favorite tracks now, but I think "Good Tuna" would be a really appropriate name for the mix
  2. AHA! None of you probably remember me (or my much earlier post in this thread), but after months of frustrating gaming I have FINALLY BEAT MR. BIG!!! The NES version of NARC sucks, and I've given up on it since it makes you use 2 buttons for 5 commands. Damn that's annoying.... Anyway, I have found a pretty cheap way of beating Mr. Big in the arcade version (but do what works, right?) Collect every missile that you can in the game and save them all for the last fight. You should have 99 of them by the end. After you destroy his 3 wheelchairs, his sunglasses, and all the flesh on his head, make
  3. Oh yeah, Mr. Big from Narc. Jesus Christ what was up with this guy?! He wasn't so bad in his high-powered super wheelchair of death, but when he's that humongous fucking head that shoots tongues at you, he's a real pain in the ass. I still can't beat him.
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