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  1. On 3/12/2016 at 2:56 PM, k-wix said:

    Sword Art Online, Naruto, Blue Exorcist




    Not sure SAO would fly just because some scenes in the second half of the first season (ALO saga) dealing with Asuna are pretty bad and could probably land him in hot water if a staffer notices. Been a while since I've watched Blue Exorcist so I can't remember it too much other than Shura was pretty fan servicey and also SATAN. Some people could get uppity about that so it might be best to check with the staff/members first and see if that sort of stuff is okay to show. Naruto is probably alright, don't remember anything really bad about that.

    Rurouni Kenshin is on crunchyroll and might be okay to show, at least the first 62 episodes/first 2 seasons anyways, 3rd season is filler which can be skipped.

  2. It's hard to come by now since it was the last game Working Designs translated before they closed up shop, but Growlanser Generations for the PS2 is pretty good. A lot of story battles have special conditions that determine not just whether or not you win, but also how successful your victory is (clearing a mission flawlessly earns you a Mission Accomplished while allowing some things to go wrong like one or two NPC casualties earns a Mission Complete). Some special conditions may include fleeing from the field without killing any enemy units, or avoiding hazards on the map like a collapsing floor, or escaping from a villain you are simply not powerful enough to stand up to at that point in the game, stuff like that. Growlanser II also has branching story paths that can drastically change the direction the plot goes, one of which includes joining forces with the final villain of the game and turning against your friends.


    If you can find it, I recommend checking it out.

    Only played a bit of these and the psp version released by Atlus. Remember the combat system for these games actually being more like a console RTS where you move your characters and give them commands and they keep fighting till the enemy or they are defeated. Also had different missions like ones where you had to protect someone while they retreated from an advancing army and whatnot. Also believe the third games story was based on war/enemy invasions for resources due to worldwide famine which I hadn't seen tackled in a game.

    Another tactical RPG that I just remembered that you might be interested in would be Arc the Lad. The PSone titles were translated and released together by Working Designs as The Arc the Lad Collection and they are all available on the NA PSN store (not sure about anywhere else). They're pretty challenging, especially Arc 2, and the overall story is good even if it's nothing particularly groundbreaking. The soundtracks are enjoyable with a wide variety of character and battle themes in particular. The characters are what really make these games, especially in Arc 3.

    I remember playing a few minutes of the Arc Trilogy games and Arc 2 was totally bonkers with how it starts.

    Believe it started with a flashback in a classical past era RPG village that an army or bandits were attacking or something, then next you're a mercenary or something stopping a terrorist attack at an airport in the future, and save a mysterious girl who's being chased by 1940's era gangsters.

    Was pretty jarring but in a good way since it was so different from the norm.



    King's Bounty series (PC on Steam and GOG)- It's a bit of RPG and strategy. There's plenty of story (though it's often got typos), and the battles are turn-based on a hexagonal grid. You can use magic, buy troops, complete main and side quests, and things like that. However, the strategy gets more important later on, as there's a finite number of any given troop in the game. The weaker ones are usually pretty plentiful throughout the game, but the strong ones can become scarce very quickly if you're careless in battle (especially the dragons). So while strategy isn't in place so much at the beginning outside of gold management and trying to get some of the achievements, it really seeps in as the games progress.


    There are five games in the series at the moment, with "The Legend," "Armored Princess," "Crossworlds" (an enhanced version of "Armored Princess"), "Dark Side" and "Warriors Of The North." The last two also have a DLC for each of them, and right now, you can get them all for $14 over on Humble Bundle for the next 24 hours with this pack, and the premium version "Dark Side" (for some reason, "Dark Side" isn't in the pack).

    Played the first game. Was good but can be really hard and the translation is bad, though I believe there are translation patches out there. Also each new game has randomized resources and troops.

  3. twHrsz6.gif


    But nah, 300-350 seems to be good IF you can find someone who wants the whole bundle. Selling some stuff individually like Pandora's Tower, Last Story and Ninja Gaiden might be better since a lot of people who buy nintendo consoles don't buy 3rd party games so they'll just see them as throw in games. 300 for the system in box with everything minus Pandora's Tower, Last Story and Ninja Gaiden doesn't even seem like too bad a deal since the system itself refurbished goes for like 200. The 2 smash titles should net at least 50, New Super Mario Bros. U 25-35 maybe, 10-20 for Twilight Princess and another 10-20 for the wii-mote (hopefully motionplus version) and nunchuck, 5-10 for the sealed zelda amiibo and maybe 15-20 for the opened Samus one since that one isn't sold anymore. All depends on items condition though, if it's all in mint to flawless condition make sure to mention it.

  4. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow.

    Sure, the cart's small, but it got lodged near the end and had to be removed manually at the doctor's. Keep that in mind the next time someone says, "You talk about that damn game one more time, and I'll cram it down your throat."

    Had to read it a couple of times to get it. XD

  5. In order...

    I Am Alive (admittedly not the best game but I've always liked disaster/survival type games)

    Far Cry 3 (Thank you The Damned!)

    Mega Man 9 & 10

    Double Dragon Neon

    Dragon's Crown (Owned the crap out of this game. GOTY for me)

    Red Dead Redemption

    Way of the Samurai 4

    Tomba (though I've played the game before a bunch of times over the years =p)

    Played some others but those are probably the more memorable ones.

  6. Bravely Default looks like a real quality RPG and everyone who's reviewed it says it's great. It's also not often that you see a lot of hype for an RPG nowadays.

    Guilty Gear Xrd if that comes out this year cause it's Guilty Gear and the whole it being 3D yet it's 2D thing is interesting.

    The Witch and the Hundred Knight cause it's been how long since this was announced? Also I'm getting it for $20 so score.

    Not sure what else comes out this year.

  7. Picked up Skullgirls at Green Man Gaming for $6 and Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara for $3 with the voucher. They got some other stuff too, like Ducktales Remastered for $4.80 after voucher. Also Left 4 Dead 2 is free on Steam for a little while, believe up to 10am PST, just go to the games page and get it.

  8. Jumped on this for $20, should be here by tomorrow. Man I hope it's as memorable as the No More Heroes games. When I say I love the NMH games I mean I LOVE those games, like on the top of my list for best games I've played since the turn of the millennium love. People always nitpick things about the games like that they are both not very long or that it's not a 10 out of 10 AAAAA game or they just don't buy it because they only buy Nintendo games and no third party titles, and they're missing out. One of the few series that I thought really had a special something that draws you in.

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