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  1. I LOVE this mix!! It inspires the same joy I felt 18 years ago when I first discovered this site and downloaded First Impressions & Uh Oh! The Beat Have Started to Move!. It's a fresh take on a classic theme and I find it not just nostalgic, but refreshing in my own personal circumstances as the uncertainty I face for the future mirrors what I felt then. I just absolutely love this mix!
  2. Love the remix! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Good on you with the anxiety going away. Prescription drugs do wonders for me, personally. And yes - here's the rest of the playlist (the play counts aren't all accurate after several hard drive switches over the years and varying degrees of success in migrating the iTunes library - also, it's not 100% OCR, but OCR is 100% why I have any of these songs):
  4. Glad y'all like it! OCR's had a special place in my heart since just near about the beginning. It really helped me flesh out my love for ambient/electro music in general but primarily through the lens of remixed VG music. And one thing the quieter stuff does is help me sleep as I have ADHD and chronic anxiety & depression - it helps soothe my mind running at a billion RPM and the melancholy mixes (such as Another Inspiration) resonate and resolve the depressive stuff. This site has really been a foundational and important part of my life going on 20 years now and I'm so grateful for its existence.
  5. Coming Feb 13th! Apparently it is exciting! I am personally excited for it.
  6. Super excited for this! I grew up a Nintendo kid, but still sometimes found ways to play Sonic. Also I've always loved the remixes here from Genesis games. I hope they Sega doesn't pull a Nintendo when it comes to inventory, though...
  7. Came across this on AVClub - it's quick, just like the theme, but pretty well done! F-Zero Big Blue!
  8. I've been wracking my brain trying to remember... I think it was Legendary Wings for the NES. Picked it up at the local flea market in Raleigh. I want to say it was about $4 or so; I must have been 8 or 9. Had never heard of it, only got it because the label art was interesting and I wanted something new. I really enjoyed it! But I must say, my most memorable game pickup was around that time at Rose's (or was it Roses?). My mom said I could get a new game as long as it didn't cost too much. I didn't really recognize any on the peg hangers (how times have changed), but there was this one that caught my eye - Bionic Commando. I don't know that I had ever heard of it; might have read about it in Nintendo Power or some other gaming mag. But I did recognize the publisher logo: CAPCOM. I knew them from Mega Man, the first game I ever rented and played in my own home. In the following weeks I was addicted to Bionic Commando. I even faked being sick to stay home from school and church. My parents found out, though, because one Sunday I put on my routine, I got stuck in one of the areas...the one with the barrier at the beginning and I think you need the rocket launcher to get through. The internet being about 10-11 years away, I called the Nintendo Game Counselors - a few times that morning - and then when the phone bill came in they saw calls on that day to Redmond, WA. The only disciplinary action I can recall is some stern words and maybe a threat to lose NES privileges if I did it again.
  9. I may spring for it just for Intelligent Qube.
  10. 100% of me wants to do this. 90% of me is sure it's not going to happen. Can 10% of me sign up and worst case scenario not follow through with anything but 100% good intentions?
  11. Rock on! Congrats! It's been cool seeing remixers' careers take off on this site over the years.
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