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  1. The first stage sounded a little too Capcom/Street-Fightery to me But otherwise, good job
  2. The end is unique, but it almost goes against the whole tempo of the rest of the track. I love the beginning, it captured not only the melody, but the spirit of the medieval area...i'v eheard other remixes of this track and this is the best one yet. 8.8 / 10
  3. Thank you for capturing the feeling of a Castlevania game....that up tempo/eerie feeling. Finally a remix done right. Well done 10 / 10
  4. I've heard Midi's that sound better and you need to fix that organ..it sounds like its on life support. All though the beginning was a little bit better 4 / 10
  5. Hey...you know that feeling when you first went to see your favorite movie and you walked out on awe. Or that time when you bought a CD, you listened to it and you were blown away. I got the same feeling listening to this track.... I have to agree with the others. YOu have to be insane not to download this amazing track. 10/10
  6. AF...if you read this, you are another person who has given Mega Man Fans something to cheer about. This track stays true to the NES sound while having more of a dance/rock mix. This answers the question of "If the Metal Man theme were to be re-did today...what would it sound like" Good Job and keep crankin' out these masterpieces. I am thankful that you didn't murder one of my favorite Meag Man tracks of all time. 10 / 10
  7. One of few tracks I find worthy of being a Mega Man remix. All i can say is that this track is so good, when i'm playing MM3 on my Roms/ I mute out most of the sound just to have this track play during Snake Man's Theme. The only way I feel to tell is just to ask yourself this question "If this track were remixed today, how would it sound" and...i can honestly picture this track. It stays true to the NES theme but gives it a techno makeover. Good job Disco Dan. 10 / 10
  8. I think this track damaged one of my favorite tracks of Mega Man 3. I've heard better. You did some serious injury to the mix. ::sighs shaking his head::
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