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  1. So, you should know i've written that in 2001. I've never heard the Amiga version and not realy try to make a REMIX like the OCRemix Communauty now have made laws on it... At that time, i just want have fun, making something that enhanced the melody of Frederic Moby Motte have made on this incredible game and send him ! I do it, ... and he love it So why not sharing it to the OC communauty... What i do, trying to use better instrument than amiga samples, a new beat, a CJ touch... a first approach... I'll do realy more job on the second remix Swimming Furries. For sure, your approach had changed with ages, that also why i didn't come here anymore, cause some remix i've made was always criticated, to close of, not enought remixed, don't suite to law n°34... i finally fed off, cause what i want was having fun and sharing it with fans I'm happy lots of people still like this "remix", i'm happy the author now called El Mobbo also like it. Have fun with it and let's discover this incredibly oldschool game
  2. fun to hear years after years new remixer target this excellent song of Donkey Kong country... as i also try in 2004. Great Work
  3. Kwel... never heard the original songs of FFVII, anyway this one rocks... mixing power guitar and electronic sounds
  4. First... i'm happy to discover that i could now "preview" a song... that was a great new plus on OC website This remix is well done... as if not recognize this theme... but not so played Chrono Trigger... so i'll be back when i'll play it more !
  5. This arrangement are absolutely wonderfull, that realy sounds like songs i write for now ;p Well now Disco Dan, this is not the first i heard you do..
  6. Yess... i rarely post feedback (shame on me) cause i often listen tracks on unconnected PC... but this version realy wake me up this morning ! Once again an excellent song from Tepid ! well done !!
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