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  1. Been looking forward to this for a while! Admittedly, when I think of Descent II, I think of the Title Screen music, which is far different than what we got here. ;)

    But it is very enjoyable nonetheless, despite being a bit on the long side (as mentioned before, it does sound like it loops a bit).

    Maybe I can cross my fingers and hope for more Descent remixes. We need them!

  2. What I need for this post is a englishman saying something along the lines of "Bloody hell, this mix is outstanding!" Because it just wouldn't feel complete without that horrible pun.

    Anyway. This mix, which I've had for quite a while now (I'm lazy), is easily in my top 10, if not my top 3. Awesome guitar work by Ailsean here, and it'd feel empty without Kaijin's work on the mix itself. I enjoy this one more than RiverCityRammstein - which is saying a lot, in my case.

    You two gotta get together again for another mix.

  3. As you can tell by my post count, I very, very rarely log in and post. However, this is well worth it. :D I spit upon whoever dislikes this mix.

    I feel guilty that I've had this remix for so long and said nothing about it here, as this is easily my favorite remix to date. At 1:57, I love the sudden drop (forgive my lack of remixing terms). The bit from 2:19 to 2:32 is wonderful, and the ending is perfectly executed. The Rammstein edge is near flawless, which makes me love it even more, and it's the perfect music to destroy your eardrums with.

    Excellent, Mazedude, this mix was damn near flawless (because nothing's perfect), and was (if you will) quite inimitable. 8)

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