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  1. This is a great peice. It's funny, the music's catchy, and overall a very good arragnement. The lyrics are smooth, and transition with the song's original melody, not to mention they are flat out hilarious. The samples are really good, and don't sound synthesized. Overall, very well done. 9.5/10
  2. Overall, I think this is an a bit above average arrangement. It started off minimalistic- a good starting approach, leaves plenty of room to build up too. The theme sounds good, chords seem right. Nice use of percussion. My complaints however, are that it stays minimalstic nearly the entire peice, which is quite frankly pretty boring. It never builds up to where it needs to go in my opinion. I think a good example of building up would be a loud as hell, huge, thick, chordal entrance with brass playing the melody at a decently fast tempo with a good catchy countermelody. Also, some of the samples, like the orchestra hit sound kind of fake. But other then that, good job. It's overall a good peice. I give it a 6.99/10 (ALMOUST a 7.)
  3. Extremely well done. Easily one of the best songs on here, and DEFINITELY the most creative remix on the entire sight. Star Salzman is a genious, turning the lyric-less track into a song with lyrics that fit, and the mood of the song is upbeat and cheerful. Unordinarily great, and greatly unordinary. 10/10.
  4. Great remix. The only thing I can say bad about it is that the timpini sounds a little fake, but other then that, extremely catchy, and I love the atmosphere it creates. 9.5/10, easily one of the best on the sight.
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