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  1. There was this SNES game called Vortex. A very crude and sucky 3D giant morping robot shooter game. I know I'm far from good at most action games, but this is frigging impossible... I could beat most of the levels on first try, but already the first boss took me two weeks. That's not very decent fluctuation in challenge. The second boss was even harder; I once beat the 3rd one by sheer luck with some strange trick I still haven't managed to reproduce. So currently the 4th one is the last one I've made it to without cheating. Where it gets insane is his last form, when his head starts flying ar
  2. I'm another Proctricity fan here. I've always loved the DKC series music and now he's turning them into real works of art... unbelieveable! This track is IMHO quite not-so-structured as his previous ones, but it has a nice swing. For my taste (I'm primarily a fan on Tangerine Dream... anyone know them? You ought to!) the rhytm section is slightly cheesy, but besides that it's a nice track. Hmm, strange. My SoundApp (yes that's the name of it) shows for this track a lesser duration that it actually is. I know that he uses some weird encoding, but for Assembly Line Apparations it actually shows
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