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  1. Ouch, well producing 40 tracks is no small feat, so I guess that is some great progress. :) Well, if you ever feel you have enough time or can prioritize my project, then you're welcome to it. :)

  2. How is 80 tracks left closer do done? :P

  3. You wrote in my project thread (Hylian Melodies) almost a year ago saying you'd want to join after clearing your todo-list a bit. I remember these things. So, are you interested? Could use a bit more experienced musical talent on there. Let me know!

  4. Hey!

    Checking in on how it's going. Any new WiPs I could listen to? How is everything otherwise?



  5. Hey! Yeah, sure, send it to me. Send it to starzander@gmail.com and I'll give it a listen. For it to fit the project though, it cannot be only Bolero of Fire, it has to be mixed with something more.

  6. Aaaaaand... feedback posted. :) Still trying to get more people on those boards, because I feel that my feedback alone will not cut it.

  7. Cool, I'm gonna check it out and post some feedback for it. :)

  8. It shouldn't be a problem, the first wip date will probably be around february next year or something. Maybe even later. I'm not going to rush this.

  9. No, not yet. When we pass the recruitment phase, there will be a first WIP deadline. This doesn't mean you can't work on it already, though. :)

  10. Hey! Welcome to the project. :) If you want to post your wips, or questions privately, you can register at http://www.kngi.org/phpbb3/ and then PM me there, and I'll invite you to the private group. :)

  11. Hey! I don't mind the WIPiness, I think it sounded like it has a lot of potential. :) Consider yourself officially on the project!

  12. Hey!

    I listened to your Astral Observatory remix, in the workshop forum, and it was great! This made me want to invite you to my remix project, Hylian Melodies. You can read more about it in the official thread, here http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=30903, but here is a quick summation of it all:

    The goal is to take all the ocarina songs from Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask, and using them as basis for the project. The remixers must then choose a second song, from ANY game in the Entire Franchise and mix them together. The ocarina song should be recognizable in the remix as well.

    We're recruiting right now, so if you want to claim a track, then now is the time. Check it out, and let me know if you're interested!

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