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  1. first song I listened to on OCR (so naturally, the first one I review), it was ages ago (way back in april) was my favorite then, still is now, megaman is made of metal, the songs should be too this songs rocks, I can just see megaman, breathing hard, the enemies blown to bits around him in a partially ruined fortress... red sky... yeah... ... anyway, I think the only good explaination for the lack of reviews for this completely badass monster is that you don't need to, it sells itself
  2. I have to say that the only hard RPG bosses are those on something like Chono Cross where you can't just simply level up to kick ass... I'm working on a game myself that it takes longer for you to level up so you'd be more encouraged to do side quests and finding secret weapons and such to power your character over beating on the monsters (which are strong anyway) hard bosses on an RPG would be something like Olga Flow from PSO, or just annoying like Spikey on Secret of Mana but honestly, it would be something like one of the senior dragons on Dragon Seeds, where you can only train so much bef
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