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  1. ...huh? Are we playing the same game here? Hunters are the KINGS of group PvP. You get mail at level 40, which is the second best armor type in the game. Not really, but especially after the patch. Get a DPS pet (cat, raptor) and let er rip. Any class that can stop the pet with a skill will, but that's time spent not attacking you that you can use to damage them from afar. After patch, with the right talents, you can heal your pet's status with mend pet, thereby having your pet act as another source of DPS. Frost and Freeze traps both have their uses in PvP, and they can be laid down every 30 seconds when using Feign Death. Hunters are normally the 3rd in damage meters, under rogues and mages. You don't realize the value of a skill that takes you out of combat and makes you appear dead to your enemies? In complete seriousness, Feign Death is one of my most favored hunter skills.
  2. Not sure if this is Fruityloops 101 material per se, but I suppose someone here will be able to help... Does anyone have any ideas on how to create a "modem synth"? You know, that sound a dial-up makes when it's connecting to the internet. I've been messing around with 3xOsc, but I haven't come up with anything that sounds just right yet.
  3. Thanks to everyone who has posted criticism; I enjoy reading it. DJP was dead-on when he said that the song was envisioned and then executed to the end... with the deadlines on the contest I wrote this for, it's almost a necessity. This was my first real attempt at something orchestral, and I feel that all things considering, it came out really good, and I can only get better from here on. I'll definalty keep your comments in mind the next time I attempt another piece of this style, Russell. And yes, it was Squidfont.
  4. Oh yeah, I almost forgot: The last boss of SaGa Frontier 2. I mean, geez, the rest of the game was a breeze and then all of the sudden you have this really tough last boss. Also, this isn't a boss but the Battle of South Moundtop was INSANE.
  5. Wow, you learn something new everyday. Were Square going out of their way to make this game that unbalanced? Yeesh.
  6. Cheat codes? format c: Then you can see the secret "Non System Disk" ending. Bwah ha ha! Disclaimer: This was intended as a joke. If you are actually stupid enough to attempt this, Psychrophyte will hold no responsiblity to the damage done to your files and will reserve the right to laugh coldly ae your expense.
  7. Except you can't Mime limit breaks.
  8. About SoulBlazer: Yeah, the game really was easy, but hell, I was like 9 at the time and thought I need that damn sword because he kept turning metal. Cut me some slack here. And yes, RPG bosses CAN be hard. Unless you've got absolutely no life what-so-ever, I very seriously doubt you'd be at level 99 by the time you reach the end in FF5. I was at 35 myself. Shinryuu tore me apart, especially since I didn't have Coral rings on and the intial attack did 8000 damage to all. It's bad enough that they made a powerful bastard like him, but it's even worse that he's hidden in a GODDAMN treasure box! Grrr... Anyway, whether it's a RPG or action boss, if it's difficult, it'll take time to overcome either way... whether by leveling up or by learning patterns. So they can be equally difficult. Different... but equal.
  9. I remember in Soul Blazer, a long time ago when I first got the game, I couldn't beat the first boss. I spent days looking for that one swrod that could cut metal because that's what I thought you needed. Apparently I wasn't the only one, as I've met at least 5 other people that thought the same. I think the instruction manuel was misleading or something. Oh, and most bosses in Metal Slug games can be pretty tough, as that game was designed to make you pump in as many quaters into the machine as possible.
  10. Shinryuu from Final Fantasy V for the hardest RPG boss.
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