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  1. I guess it's supposed to be I like the somewhat minimalistic but straight sound of the demos.
  2. That's so true. In the commentary mode it's mentioned that the whitch originally would berserk after getting startled and so whipe the complete group of survivors. To prevent one from whiping all by incidently or what ever startling the whitch they changed it. So letting someone control the witch would somehow make no sense.
  3. Game: Chrono Trigger System: SNES Song: A Shot of Crisis VG Music MIDI Zophar's Domain SPC - Track 1-23 Even if Chrono Trigger is overemixed this tune is definitively not.
  4. It's simply incredible was this ReMix creates out of the minimalistic pacman tune. That dark and creepy atmosphere is amazing. Really like the choir and strings a lot. This might not fit the typical Pacman feel but this is way beyond Pacman. Somehow it reminds me of the soundtrack of the pc game American Mc Gee's Alice. please excuse my worse english