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  1. Mazedude is a god. His work is legend! Cheers, Slán. J.
  2. I agree. Can we, like, nominate Mazedude for some kind of non-existant prestegious award or something? Cheers. J.
  3. Yeah Scott, we still love ya and your awesome remixes!!! I absolutely love Love LOVE this piece. Everytime I listen to it, I get this image of our Doom heo taking this rickety ol' grate elevator down to the pits of Hell...(don't ask) Mazedude, if by some amazing and highly unlikely chance that the gods give me the chance to write a blockbuster, I so want you to do the music for it! Cheers. J.
  4. I love this mix. Actually, its the first OCR I ever listened to so it holds a special place with me. This piece is just as creepy as the actual game tune and I love that. Cheers. J.
  5. Hmmm... I dunno. Not knowing much about jazz, I probably don't have a right to have an opinion at all. All I can say is this one didn't "speak" to me. But I do agree that it's great to hear a ReMix of the dungeon theme. That GAWD FORSAKEN TUNE. Ah, so many a time whilst playing the memeberable game I ached to make the monotonous music just go away. I would have done anything...destroyed the console, toss the tv out the window, puncture my own eardrum...and then my brother just suggest I tune the volume knob, and all was good. Cheers. J.
  6. I know this may be a bit of an old thread, but I had to comment on this piece. Once again Mazedude has floored me by his awesome remixes. His Doom remixes are so crazy they're almost eerie. I've played his stuff for my friends and they always say how freaky his shit is. Oldskool is no exception. As much as I DID like this piece, I gotta say I like Blood Bath and BarrelsOFun better. Can't beet that creepy shit. Cheers. J.