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  1. I really like the fact that Jon played the stuff himself. I wish I had wind talent. Anyway, I play some jazz piano (and keyboard) myself and I really don't think too much of the organ solo. Many people were praising it (and I'm not going to down it) but I really thought it wasn't up to Jon's standards. There is far too much reverb for half of it and it isn't long enough to get enough emotion in. It's like high school jazz band with the ol' 12-bar blues solo, "Ok...now SOLO! Ok you're done!". The piece is well arranged, and the intruments are played well; but in terms of impovsation, I enjoyed Live from the Yggdrasil much more. Overall, well done. But I'd really like to hear something...more. Too bad we're on opposite sides of the country. Jon would be a fun person to collaborate with.
  2. Being a pianist myself, I can really hear the talent and skill that went into this mix. This is seriously professional sounding stuff. The first stuff sounds like what I would do when I get bored and want to fool around on some cool blues chords, but the second half. WHOA . My first, and still lasting impression is George Winston. George Winston is one of my all-time favorite solo pianists and his works are very much like this piece, string scraping and all. I have no doubt that he was an Inspiration to Jiggin John. Again, I cannot stress how much those who enjoy good piano stuff, or just good music for that matter, should get this piece. GET IT NOW I've been listening to it for a half hour straight, and it isn't close to being old yet. I can't WAIT for more from JJT. Good work, this is WAY up there with the other awesome pieces (Neskvartetten and others).
  3. Being a jazz artist myself, I really appreciate it when I hear stuff like this. Sax is wonderful (your licks sound like the ones my friend plays a lot). But damn, this is some really good stuff. Some of it sounds like it could use some tightening up, but that's no biggie. And to Kamikaze Noodle, if you wanna hear a nifty SMB2 big band mix, search for Estradasphere here on OCRemix. It doesn't have those crazy trills, but it still rocks (and the chords sound almost identical to Take the A Train). I love this mix and I know that I will be listening to it for awhile. Good work Neskvartetten.
  4. Now that bazooie has posted the lyrics, I'm not really sure what he meant for them to be. On a purely auditory level, they do excellent in giving the song it's creepy feeling (at least for me). But perhaps, they have a deeper meaning? Anyway, just speculating on the significance of them.
  5. I like it, but I think DJP has a Fender Rhodes fetish. I'm pretty sure that all of his tracks feature it... Of course, I love the Rhodes too, so I can't dis him for it, I just thought it was a little odd.
  6. I have to admit that upon first listen, it sounded really cheesy and annoying. After a few more times through though, I began to really hear the hidden beauty of this mix. I am a little partial to synth stuff, but this song is just good anyway. The vocals sound like shit at first, but their almost ambient nature starts to grow on you. After 5 or 6 times, you almost go into a trance. This seriously makes me feel kinda creepy...I really can't describe it's effect on me very well. All I know is, it gets really good after awhile, so give it a chance.
  7. The first time I listened, it was saying "generic techno." However, after a few repeats, it really grew on me. As a jazz artist, I really love the solos toward the end. This is some seriously good stuff here folks. Like, you should be hearing this on a dancefloor. Don't hesitate to DL this one. You should love it.
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