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    Nothing special. Recent releases have drawn me back to a place I used to love.
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  1. Ive been a fan of Klutz's work since I heard the piano version of FFVII-overworld, and I cannot recall a time when he has let us down. 600AD is no different. Amazing as always, I just cant seem to turn it off.
  2. Damn that 'spherath'....one hard bastard....
  3. Once again, DJP brings his stuff to the table and has apparently whipped up another masterpiece. The funniest thing was that I was watching Trigun when I finished dling this song, and couldnt quite figure out where that song was coming from, TV or speakers. Amazing work, its so calm and never loses sight the intentions of the mix. The fact that its so fluid solidifies this blended piece. In short: amazing.
  4. O WOW!! i must admit that i was completely taken aback by this mix. I really dont follow most of the WIP's, mostly because i recently started posting and listening more actively to this site, but knowing that this song was available to listen to well before it was posted causes me to kick myself several times over. The clocks in the beginning were absolute genoius, i felt like they were all around me! Usage of the self help quotes were great, along with the game sounds. A++ work there Bison, I look forward to listening to mre you ur stuff
  5. Ok, this song has been bashed to the depths of hell and praised up to heaven...now its my turn. The overall impression: AMAZING! when i started it out, the intro guitar caught my ear and just wouldnt let me go. Shortly thereafter came the lyrics, which is the weakest link in the song. Im not bashing, im not praising, i just think that the lyrics could be tweaked a bit and mebbe one more take the vocals could help. Other than that, i truly enjoy this remix. it just gets stuck in my head so easily!
  6. Great work on a great song! I was totally taken aback by the smooth transitions..it starts out calm, then progresses to something that got my toes a tappin. Definately locked into the playlist!
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