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  1. I have an HP Pavillion dv2000 notebook and I'm tired of using the integrated graphics card that came with it. The only problem is that I've only upgraded PC's before; I've never worked on a notebook. First off, I can't find online if I can even upgrade the graphics card on this model. If anyone knows or can find out for me that would be great. Second; if I can upgrade, does anyone have suggestions for a good card. Ideally, I would love to be able to run Crysis when it comes out (the graphics card is the only upgrade I need, other than Vista of course) but if that's too expensive I would settle for being able to run F.E.A.R. well.
  2. Did I completely miss the announcement of the end of Unmod? EDIT: Oh, never mind, I wasn't logged in. This quick edit window is awesome.
  3. The hardest boss I've fought is either 'Id' from Xenogears (when you fight him on the bridge) or 'Doom Door' from FF7 (I was at seriously low level for that one).