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  1. Ha, yeah, I figured somebody would probably recognize the reference. I think I was on a kick five years ago when I created the userid; I feel a little silly still using it, but eh, Carn's a good kid.
  2. Thanks all, glad you liked it. Production is, as you may have noticed, not my strong suit. I wish I'd had access to a real piano to record, but I was limited to samples, and I'm still learning when it comes to making them sound decent.
  3. Polo, I was wondering if anybody else picked up on that. This screams Earthbound to me. Or, well, sort of mutters it in a David Lynch-esque fashion. If Earthbound had a secret warp area, this would totally be its soundtrack.
  4. Usually stuff like this pops up in this forum, but I just noticed there's a group buy going for all three levels of EW's Symphonic Orchestra, and I couldn't find a post about it here. Anywho, only a week to go, but if you're interested... http://www.soundsonline.com/Classical-Orchestral-c-3.html
  5. Oh man, the memories... I definitely second the "toe" comment, that would've been hilarious. Anywho, awesome mix.
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