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  1. I want to take the drum track I made in Fruity and convert it to a MIDI file to send MIDI to my drum machine (Alesis SR-16). First, how do I create a MIDI file such as this in Fruity, and second, how do I send the MIDI signal to the drum machine (I have Serial-MIDI cable)? I know how to receive on the Drum Machine side, I'm just not sure how to send from the compy.
  2. I love this; it's like I'm at a folk festival and there's a quartet there playing my favorite songs of childhood. Effects are for pussies.
  3. I haven't tried to use events yet in Fruity, though now I'm ready to. Suppose I want to do a filter "roll-off" (term?) in bar 30 on the drums, which are in FX channel 1, alone. I put a low-pass filter on the FX channel, but then how do I create an event to sweep the frequency at bar 30? This is just an example. Any tips are greatly appreciated.
  4. Is there a voice that has that "slappy bass" sound found in Dead Or Alive's "Spin me Right Round"? I want to use that in a remix, and was hoping it was in FruityLoops somewhere and that I'm just passing over it.
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