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  1. Definitely reminds me of some old school PC puzzle game music. (in a good way) -Austin Spafford
  2. This is such a beautiful and relaxing piece, thank you for sharing it with us. I strongly suggest napping to this song if you're stuck in noisy place, it does a great job of washing away other sounds while not being disturbing in any way. I do actually consider this to be one of my favorite OCR songs that I've listened to so far (next to Space Grind and Little Mac's Confession), and so far I've listened to everything on the site in A-R (working on S). Thank you again for this incredibly relaxing piece of music. -Austin Spafford
  3. Excellent! I really like the drums that play for a few seconds at 2:15, they remind me quite a bit of the "run fool, RUN!" sound track in System Shock 2 (don't know the actual name), and of the drums in Curve's "Worst Mistake". Definitely a fun piece to listen to, bravo! -Austin Spafford
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