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  1. Man, the intro to this song reminds me so much of Earth Defense Force! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth_Defense_Force Sorely miss that game... Good work! -Austin Spafford
  2. Congratulations on leading such a fantastic project for another year! I have spent many hundreds of hours listening to the music of this site while working. -Austin Spafford
  3. Congratulations Dain! EDIT: And thank you for In The Dark! I think I've listened to it about four times now, and it got me to refresh my iPod for driving music. -Austin Spafford
  4. Fantastic! I keep coming back to this song when listening to my "Recent OCR" folder. I enjoy: the voice clips, the punchy strings, most of the scratches/stops, how the drums come in at 0:25, the playful sequence at 2:34, and the transition out of the "clean section at 2:10. There's definitely many other nuances that I'm unable to spot right now, but to me this song has lots of little entertaining details. The only thing that throws me off is the ending, which feels like the departing of a friend. I don't know if that means the song's too short though, since it's dangerous to drag anything out (see: Rogue Galaxy). Ziwtra, I've greatly enjoyed many of your songs, especially Downwind (http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00805/). Keep up the great work! -Austin Spafford
  5. This song has been great to listen to while programming, and definitely has lasting appeal. I was listening to it heavily after first downloading it, but then I shifted it back as new songs became available. But after a couple of weeks, the vocals just kept getting stuck in my head, and I had to track down where I they came from. Great work, keep it up! -Austin Spafford
  6. Fantastic! To me, this song conjures up images of snow drifting past street lamps in the night. Thank you for the experience! -Austin Spafford
  7. Audacious! There are some aspects of the song that I enjoy, but as a whole I find it too nerve-racking to have it fit as something to listen to while either working or relaxing. Overall, I enjoyed the drums, but I think it was the loud warbling synth lead that drove me away. But regardless, I've generally enjoyed Adhesive Boy's previous works, and certainly look forward to getting to hear more pieces in the future! -Austin Spafford
  8. This is the sort of song that will cause me to bob side to side with a smile and closed eyes, and yes, even at work. Thank you for the fun experience! -Austin Spafford
  9. Thank you for this excellent addition! An epic introduction at 0:50. Goosebumps! The section around 1:30 reminds me quite a bit of Pillar of Salt. Awesome! I also am just amazed at the section starting at 3:35. It brings back fond memories of the Scream Tracker songs that used to dance in my headphones. Heh, and even an ending that reminds me of Gitaroo Man! Great work! -Austin Spafford
  10. I love this song. And yes, it is a tad painful with headphones, and results in people giving me strange stares (I have yet to see it, but I know they must, I know they must!); but still, this is one of the most fun songs available on this site. It's this fascinating attitude that the song takes, that makes it one of the few songs that I regularly use to try to explain to friends and family why I enjoy this site so much. David, thank you for the wonderful music! -Austin Spafford
  11. I'd just thought I'd pop my head in the door again, and reiterate that this song is a joy to listen to after all this time. Congratulations on a job well done! -Austin Spafford
  12. I've listened to every song on OCR, and this is definitely one of my favorites. This is also one of the songs, on a short list of about a dozen, that have ever made me cry. Simply put, this song is beautiful. With its haunting introduction, its comforting electronica beat, and its saddening celo; this song covers so much ground that it has always remained interesting to me. Rellik, I do certainly hope that you will make many more songs along the lines of this one, as it has been richly entertaining to listen to. -Austin Spafford
  13. I know, dead horses smell bad; and as another person who creates something that other people use, I also know that it hurts when someone says that your baby's nose is ugly. Throwing caution to the wind, I must agree with the idea that the vocals detract from the song. Part of this really struck home when I realized that I had this song stuck in my head, but that the lyrics had been mentally edited out; or if you prefer, replaced with a generic instrument. Who knows, it may be that I would just need to get used to it, such as with getting used to the lead singer's voice for Machinae Supremacy. Other than that, I love the work that has gone into this mix. I'm simply fascinated with the guitar work, and it is yet another reason I can use to justify the need for my taking a music appreciation class. I wish I could put my thoughts on it into words, but I lack the vocabulary. Overall, I do like this mix, and certainly look forward to listening to your future creative works! EDIT: Also, after listening to this song about five times while writing this post, I had a realization. It may just be me, but the lyrics seem to sound much nicer on speakers instead of headphones. Has anyone else tried alternating between headphones and speakers? (ThankPad speakers, Sony MDR-Q22LP clip-on headphones ) -Austin Spafford
  14. Great work! I wish that I was familiar with Earthbound, so that I could get a big helping of nostalgia too. -Austin Spafford
  15. I loved this song when I first heard it, and that was before I even had a chance the play the game! Oh, and the ending is especially great. Fits the game quite well. Now if I can just avoid getting kicked in the face... -Austin Spafford
  16. An excellent arrangement, definitely going straight into the collection after I listen to it a couple dozen more times. And while I admit that was deadly to go through all of the FF arrangements on this site in one streak, in the end I thought having an interesting set of songs based on a single melody was great fun because it made it easy for me to show other people why I've loved this site so much. Don't worry about making arrangements of the same song, it's just adds a different type of variety. Keep up the good work! -Austin Spafford
  17. Playful and elegant, this one will stay active on my playlists for a long time. The percussion is simply delightful, allowing one's attention to lie soley upon it for long periods of time. And the pauses also feel right at home, and at least for me, keep the song fresh. I can see how the cello feels a little out of place at the ending, but to me that's almost necessary in order to not have the song simply drop out. Thank you for contributing this excellent song! -Austin Spafford
  18. I love this song. It's one of the few pieces that I consistently pick out and play for people when I'm trying to explain to them why I like this site so much. -Austin Spafford
  19. Great work! Definitely a great step in adding greater variety to what's available in this site's collection. And about the eeh-oh parts, while my initial impression was a little bit negative, I grew attached to them as nostalgia took hold. The return of memories of feeling truely unsettled, after being lost in a dungeon, feeling alone in the cold early morning, were truely priceless. Thank you. I'm looking forward to your future submissions! -Austin Spafford
  20. The style of this song reminds me quite a bit of Fragments of Gold by Beej. Although I can definitely see djp's point about this almost being something you'd expect from Disco Dan. I just simply love the song at 1:20, but I definitely need to take a music theory class so I can explain in words why. So, lacking that, I guess just about all I can say is: Good stuff! -Austin Spafford
  21. I take back what I said earlier about not keeping the song. It's actually possible to somehow program to this music. And I absolutely love the intro up to 0:10, brings me back to thinking about the giant "iron" in FLCL for some reason. Oh yeah, and I love 1:46-1:56, and then the "siren" that follows up to 2:15. Nice work! -Austin Spafford
  22. Definitely a very interesting song to listen to a few times. While not the sort of thing I'd add to my OCR collection, mainly because I can not envision programming while listening to this, it's definitely the sort of thing I still appreciate running through half a dozen times or so. My lack of familiarity with the source work may also be part of this, since there are definitely some songs I've kept more out of nastalgia than anything else. Then again, there are plently of songs I was initially repelled by, such as Megaman X Brainsick Metal and Dragon View Apocryphal, that I just simply became addicted to after giving them a few dozen runs to make up my mind. (Protricity and aluminum, if that's a crude way of putting it, I apologize in advance) Actually... this song kind of reminds me of Plok at around 4:15. (hehe, such a far out soundtrack) Oh, and that's an acoustic guitar at around 4:50, right? Either way, it's a nice touch, helps avoid an abrupt ending, somewhat sobering I suppose. Great work! Thank you for submitting it! -Austin Spafford
  23. This piece of music reminded me of some fond moments with my ex-girlfriend. Thank you. -Austin Spafford
  24. After listening to this song a few dozen more times, I'm quite willing to say it is one of my favorite songs to program to. Excellent work, keep it up! -Austin Spafford
  25. This music reminds me of Plok for the SNES. (interesting music in the caves and forest) -Austin Spafford
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