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  1. I personally like either the Death Metal version of this song or the Fried Eggs parody. Anything but her god awful voice...:shudder:
  2. Thank you Mustin. This will certainly tide me over for awhile. Listening to one of the TJ&E tracks and it sounds great.
  3. Oh right, now I remember you mentioning the Academy of Art. For some reason I thought you went off to some distant college. Well, good luck with that still drawing and perhaps i'll see you on live later.
  4. Your in grad school! When did that happen? Where are you going to school now? Where have I been? I play in the evenings as well so if you see me, don't be a stranger, I am always up for having my butt kicked so long as it is by someone I know.
  5. I already have you added but I never see you on xbox live. When do you play?
  6. I realize that it takes a while to create an album. I merely threw some ideas out there to see what would happen. Thank you for your support.
  7. I can't for sure say how I feel about this game. I have used most of the characters and so long as I stick to easy I do okay in the single player. I managed to get by on the hardest difficulty but I wanted to destroy the marvel and capcom companies. With that much trouble I am afraid to try the online modes. I will probably give it a try with my X-23/Zero/Deadpool team but I do not hold much hope. I am just happy they got rid of Cable but saddened they got rid of Venom.
  8. OCR has been putting out a lot of top quality remix albums lately and I have a couple ideas for games that I feel deserve to have albums dedicated to OCR's quality of work. Streets of Rage 2: Everytime I hear a remix from this game it just leaves me wanting more. Toejam & Earl: Bring some funk back into the gaming world. Toki-Going Ape Spit: This is more for personal reasons but it has a solid soundtrack and the game is being brought back to xbox live arcade. Battletoads: Music to kick your best friends butt to. Super Mario World: I can't believe there hasn't been an album already. Ghouls
  9. Thank you very much for the quick reply. I just wanted to make sure that I did not over step my boundaries. I understand that it is far far less likely to be answered but it might get the the pot stirring.
  10. Can we request an album based on a certain video game? I am just curious since we can request a remix of a certain song from a certain game, why not request a whole album. Thank you.
  11. It is always sad to lose talent so early from this world. He will be missed and may he rest in peace.
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