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  1. I have a hard request. dont know if any of you remmeber, the early ridge racer/ridge racer revolution days or techno music. And i wanted to know does anyone have any of the samples they used in the songs? they heavily sampled alot of stuff and i only have about 5 samples. I am really looking for the one that says in a male voice"all people on this earth are truly one" and others, like vocal samples, anything you can do will help. BTW, prodigy used alot of the same samples on their frist CD. so if anyone can h elp me with these samples i would be most greatful. LAZEE
  2. i think the original sounds better for some reason. alot of the keys are off. TAKA SGX is not:D
  3. I dont wanna sound greedy or anything, but I've seen a soundfont circulating around online, I didnt get to get it et but im looking forward if anyone has it to share. a Korg Triton soundfont for the drumkits on the workstations. I saw it somewhere it was on emule or somethign but i havent seen it since. Anyone know where I can get it?
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