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  1. Yes, we need far more Terranigma remixes. The game had some brilliant music. This is a good one. Zue (or was it Zuu) had an interesting sound. I don't know if Pretzel is reading this, but the point of Terranigma is to revive civilisation (the game is a prequel to Illusion of Gaia). Zue isn't a person or thing, but a place that needed to be "awakened", like the rest of the world. I think, in the game, it represented Africa. I could be wrong, it's been a while since I last played.
  2. I think DKC2 really has an excellent soundtrack and the mine music is easily its best, so this remix makes me happy. Great work. I'm a little curious about what the vocals sounded like, though.
  3. Well, the problems have already been pointed out -- the out of tune guitar, for example. But I've heard a lot worse. The arrangement is a bit discordant ... but honestly, I really do like this mix. It's energetic and unusual. I'd love to hear a tightened-up, newer version myself, since this one is definitely on the right track. ^^ Not to mention it's based on one of my most favourite pieces of music in a video game.
  4. So very awesome. Salzman is my hero. I know the lyrics aren't supposed to have much to do with Megaman X specifically, but considering the ambiguous relationship between X and Zero, "I'll be Player One and you be Player Two" is a little awkward. XD Still, it's all in good fun. Yay!
  5. I like it. I always loved the level music in Kid Icarus (Well, level 1, anyway ... I could never get past it), and orchestrated NES music, when well done, can turn out really cool. My only complaint has already been addressed (the 'belivability' of the insturments falls a bit at the 1:25 mark), but it's a pretty minor issue.
  6. Well, I'm a fan of Tull, Trigun and Trigger, so how could I lose? It's a great remix.
  7. The lyrics are pure cheese, but the beauty thing about this song is, they're obviously supposed to be cheesy. XD I'm even singing it, God help me. The tune is undeniably catchy.
  8. This is really, really impressive. I always loved the music on Tal Tal Heights, as tinny as it sounded on GB, so this is something akin to an orgasm. I do agree that the lead violen is a tad loud, but there's really nothing else to complain about.
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