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  1. I'm all for it By then, hopefully I'll have mastered a couple of the techniques my mix showes I could improve upon Seriously, though. This game has one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. And I'm not talking about Sword of Mana. I'm talking about the original FFA. It definitely should warrent a "project". Yes! I would donate $50 to OCR if it hosted an FFA remix project! I'd suggest staying true to the order of tracks in Let Thoughts Ride on Knowledge because it already has nice transitions, but you'd have to add in the missing songs like the second overworld music. Oh and Transdecima
  2. Treasure the luck that others wish to you. Some have lost the right. However, others are still praying. EDIT: One more
  3. I own the Seiken Densetsu Sound Collections album, complete with the original sound version and the concert version "Let Thoughts Ride on Knowledge". I also have the Sword of Mana Premiun Soundtrack, and the Sword of Mana piano book (which has japanese titles anyway). In FFA, Fight 1 (Battle 1 ~Believe in Victory~ in Sword of Mana) is played during most boss fights and the first julius fight. Fight 2 (Battle 2 ~Courage and Pride From the Heart~) is played during the fight with Dark Lord midway through the game and the second battle with julius. Final Battle is played during the conclusive figh
  4. Gotta start with saying, "Great mix, I'll listen to it once a day." The constant transitions between the two songs really make it sound like a battle of good and evil. But one thing bothers me. The first quote in the remix comments says that the main character and the final villian were once allies, but they weren't. Julius (the final villian) was an ally of Dark Lord since the beginning of the game, and Dark Lord keeps the main character as a slave to fight monsters for his own amusement. Also, FFA had 3 battle themes, Fight 1, Fight 2, and the Final Battle. This remix is of Mission of Mana,
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