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  1. Another masterpiece by Mazedude! In my opinion, this has got to be one of the creepiest songs in the game to begin with, and Mazedude has gone and made it even more so. The *gasp* sounds add a lot to the creepy, gothic, otherwordly feel of the piece. For some reason, this piece has always ( the original and Mazedude's ReMix ) seemed very, how do I say this, ... epic. It has a very large, open quality about it that dwarfs you as you listen to it.
  2. I agree with everyone, this is amazing. The use of effects, is truly amazing and fits the song perfectly.
  3. I'm new to the board and the site. This will be my first post and first review. After reading the comments above, I have to agree that this is an amazing emotional piece of music. The inclusion of quotes from Hitler's speeches adds a lot to the overall feel of the song. The mix of orchestra and techno beats really drives the song. Perhaps my favorite type of music is this - one that mixes classical orchestra with techno/electronica. Graham Revelle and Rob Dougan are two of the more prominent in this style. You can convey so much more emotion with an orchestra, emotion you can't feel with a guitar, or a driving bassline. The song has a very sad feeling to it, causing reflection, and remembrance. I believe that the inclusion of the Hitler quotes helps to put the song in context. We have this sad song, but what are we to be sad for? We hear Hitler's voice, speaking to his army, and we reflect about what that man did to the Jews, and the world, and we feel the emotion in the song. I do believe that the use of requiem in the title is a bit misleading and may be even inappropriate. And that's all I'll say on that matter, as I believe it has been discussed to it's conclusion. In response to some of the posts above, the mutants in the game, while extrapolative, and while the creators have taken some creative liberties with history for the context of the game, are based on historical fact. Hitler and his Nazi regime were experimenting with mutations, both genetic and chemically-induced. If you are a history buff, and would like more insight into the horrors of some of this, I suggest you read the book Auschwitz, which was written by a Holocaust survivor and tells of his story while in that prison camp. He served, while in the camp, as a sort of aide to Dr. Mengele, who was Hitler's primary "research" doctor ( and I use the term "research" very loosely ), meaning that he was primarily responsible for the mutation experiments, in which he gathered sets of twins, little people, and other examples of naturally occuring genetic anomalies, in order to further his research.
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