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  1. Its been uninstalled I don't know if anyone else bought a copy but what the fuck?
  2. Its broken... Feels like it should have been in beta for another year... Tiny ass maps thought the multiregion control meant I'd be able to use more area and what the hell I can't change the terrain... Besides that no one else is playing. CTDs all over the place and they don't even bother to respond to "Where can I find the error log?" Gonna wait a week before requesting a return... I don't think Will Wright was behind this insanity. But somebody certainly was.
  3. Posted it here mostly because not searchable on a google or the forum search. My own personal reasons. Anyway yeah its a bit of a dip in the wallet. Seeing as how ineffective the online thing is now you might as well get a cracked version even if you should buy it! lol
  4. So surprised this hasn't formed a topic yet? I have very fond memories of building arcos in Sim City 2000. Played the betas and was satisfied. Anyone playing yet? Servers been "busy" for an hour or so.
  5. Ehh seems I'm doing it wrong as the saying goes... Seems all the partying happened on Saturday and I'm planning on going to a bar all lone in this one horse town as Super Mario on Wensday. Should I bring my wrenches and utility belt? Note: Luigi is stuck in Brooklyn the fuckin' turkey ha
  6. Boards of Canada? Buddha Chillout Lounge? Some of them are hyper-active but most of both have a chill vibe.
  7. Heh I suppose its a good way to disguise it from copywrong authorities. Maybe its intended to be broken Japanese? Some games will do that I've noted because whenever I try the Russian I've learned from certain games I just get that what the fuck are you saying stare or "Eta?" Still any ideas on which one of those might be the one I'm looking for?
  8. Yeah I've played Soul Calibur maybe once or twice. Not my cup of tea but I've been going nuts trying to find that clip at the character select screen where the dude says, "Welcome Back to The Stage of History." I've had no luck in my searches through google I did find this but heck there is a lot of information there! http://www.tzarsectus.com/sc4-speech/
  9. So far its been an enjoyable experience for me. Up to Nightmare Act 3 with my Monk. When they said, "You will die." they definitely were not kidding! As for gear and all that I haven't bothered at all with the AH. Doing it the old fashion way find it, ID it, Use it or sell it. The AH seems confusing to me and there is a lot going on there. Anything I think my friends might be able to use I hold onto in case they need it. I can't even imagine what Inferno will be like!
  10. Before skin thickens in battle come for warm embrace.
  11. So you can definitely play your Diablo 3 and drink it too
  12. Hey thanks I'll check out that guide. Had a feeling it wouldn't be doable. I've been playing for a couple of years but I know I will never be good enough to play even an open mic. ha Besides I play best when I'm alone or at least when I think I am! As for mixing well I keep doing the sampling thing, record, try to piece it together somehow. But its very frustrating because I always feel there is something that is missing or there is too much of something. This guy www.danielmusica.com is really the type of artist I aspire to be. Hes not cocky, hes not commercial, just a dude trying to make his art real.
  13. Hey folks of the OCR! I've been dabbling around with many different apps. Audacity, Waveform, Acoustica beatcraft and mixcraft. Cakewalk (haven't tried anything with it yet though) So I guess its a pretty broad question to ask but what are some basic tips when mixing? I really want to convert some of my guitar solos to midi but am finding it hard to figure how to do that. Do you really need a midi controller in order to do such a thing? I guess you could say I'm still a babe in the woods! But any advice is welcome and appreciated!
  14. Really this sums up Hip Hop for me. All I hear is about how real this kinda stuff is... Its anything but REAL.
  15. I usually play Nunu as a support character in the mid game hes damned helpful. Soon as Absolute Zero is learned I can nuke with a pretty wide AOE. With cooldown reduction bonuses and +Ability power I can get out a Absolute Zero out every 60 seconds. Bloodlust always is great when you are paired up with a good DPS player. While I can't say I do very good against direct fights with champions, I enjoy supporting my other team members. If any of you want to get together my character name is Seanith.
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