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  1. On 4/2/2020 at 3:48 PM, Jonathan David Arndt said:

    This is still a very relevant program, especially with the recent quarantine developments globally.

    Here's a little something from Tom's Hardware that I saw had been aggregated by SO earlier today:


    Indeed it is.. can't believe my name is still in the OP as a contributor to the original team. Might have to get back on this..

  2. You should be hanging out with us!

    :D I know. Before my current location I was in Herndon for a few years and before that I was in Woodbridge. I've always been close ;). There have been a few small things that I don't think I was included in because so few people know how close I am. It's always been tough for me to get to MAGFest for whatever reason..

  3. Wow.. so I just went to the Abundant Shrine to catch Landorus expecting a hard battle..

    I sent in a Lvl 62 Archeops. I use Stone Edge, about 50% damage. He uses Sandstorm. I use U-Turn, critical hits but Landorus is still just barely in yellow. I send in Thundurus. Landorus uses Sandstorm again, it fails. I throw an Ultra Ball and catch it on the first try. Gotta love lady luck!

  4. My Victini... It is AWESOME! Check its IVs.

    HP: 31

    Attack: who cares, I'm going for a special attacking one

    Defense: 31

    Special Attack: 27 (could be slightly higher)

    Special Defense: 29

    Speed: 29

    Keeping it. Saved! FUCK YEAH!

    Lucky you! I hatched my Larvesta yesterday and ended up pretty well.. Neutral nature, but IVs are:

    HP: 31

    Attack: 21

    Defense: 28

    Special Attack: 14 :(

    Special Defense: 28

    Speed: 24

    Of course Volcarona is a special attacker, so it figures that those IVs are the lowest. But I'm liking both defenses being 28 and HP being 31!

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