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  1. Hell yes! Been listening to this since yesterday. Now all I need to do is go and get the remake.
  2. I'm here. Now people remembering me is a different question. I've lurked at the last couple MAGFests but looks like I haven't posted here in just a tad over two years, yikes!
  3. Hmm your name does sound slightly familiar to me as well.. Either way, welcome back!
  4. Hmmm you're in Centreville.. unfortunately I don't have any use for either of those but I can check with some friends/co-workers.
  5. I know. Before my current location I was in Herndon for a few years and before that I was in Woodbridge. I've always been close . There have been a few small things that I don't think I was included in because so few people know how close I am. It's always been tough for me to get to MAGFest for whatever reason..
  6. Let's see how many people see how close I am to DC and yell at me for never joining any events
  7. A buddy of mine on IRC sent me an mp3 of in early 2002. After checking out the site and the rest of the remixes I was hooked! I was more active 4-5 years ago than I have been recently. I'm just some weird lurker now
  8. Been married for a year and a half and getting ready to move in to our new construction condo soon!
  9. Fail.. I see this message two weeks after you send it.

  10. Whatchu doin' CHECKIN' UP ON ME, BOY??!!

  11. djp, I would like to add that prior to that meetup mentioned in the write up there was a meetup involving me, you, Dan, and DigitalComa in Centreville . I still have the pics to prove it, buwhahah. As for the mix, good stuff. Needs more techno though .