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  1. Indeed it is.. can't believe my name is still in the OP as a contributor to the original team. Might have to get back on this..
  2. Yup, go for it. I feel like we're rapidly approaching the day where most of the modern internet will be all HTTPS anyway, so why bother specifying that?
  3. Hell yes! Been listening to this since yesterday. Now all I need to do is go and get the remake.
  4. I'm here. Now people remembering me is a different question. I've lurked at the last couple MAGFests but looks like I haven't posted here in just a tad over two years, yikes!
  5. Hmm your name does sound slightly familiar to me as well.. Either way, welcome back!
  6. Hmmm you're in Centreville.. unfortunately I don't have any use for either of those but I can check with some friends/co-workers.
  7. I know. Before my current location I was in Herndon for a few years and before that I was in Woodbridge. I've always been close . There have been a few small things that I don't think I was included in because so few people know how close I am. It's always been tough for me to get to MAGFest for whatever reason..
  8. Let's see how many people see how close I am to DC and yell at me for never joining any events
  9. A buddy of mine on IRC sent me an mp3 of http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00336/ in early 2002. After checking out the site and the rest of the remixes I was hooked! I was more active 4-5 years ago than I have been recently. I'm just some weird lurker now
  10. Been married for a year and a half and getting ready to move in to our new construction condo soon!
  11. Fail.. I see this message two weeks after you send it.

  12. djp, I would like to add that prior to that meetup mentioned in the write up there was a meetup involving me, you, Dan, and DigitalComa in Centreville . I still have the pics to prove it, buwhahah. As for the mix, good stuff. Needs more techno though .
  13. Thanks guys! It's nice to see me finally get included in this thread after 8 years
  14. I was at work in Chantilly, VA. I was sitting down at the time but there was definitely a huge "WTF??" on everyone's face after the 5 seconds of shaking. It was a pretty good shake, too, desks and glass walls in the building were still shaking afterwards.
  15. Wow.. so I just went to the Abundant Shrine to catch Landorus expecting a hard battle.. I sent in a Lvl 62 Archeops. I use Stone Edge, about 50% damage. He uses Sandstorm. I use U-Turn, critical hits but Landorus is still just barely in yellow. I send in Thundurus. Landorus uses Sandstorm again, it fails. I throw an Ultra Ball and catch it on the first try. Gotta love lady luck!
  16. Any White player happen to have an extra Thundurus? I've stumbled upon an extra Tornadus and would be willing to trade. *edit* Nevermind, found one on GameFAQs
  17. Ha.. just checked my Reshiram after beating the game. 30 IVs in SpAtt but Impish nature >.<.
  18. Lucky you! I hatched my Larvesta yesterday and ended up pretty well.. Neutral nature, but IVs are: HP: 31 Attack: 21 Defense: 28 Special Attack: 14 Special Defense: 28 Speed: 24 Of course Volcarona is a special attacker, so it figures that those IVs are the lowest. But I'm liking both defenses being 28 and HP being 31!
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