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  1. I wonder if I'm the only one on this project who has never played the game. Blasphemy, I know. But I never owned any Sega systems.

    If you have a Gamecube, PS2 or Xbox, get Sonic Mega Collection and play Sonic 3 and Knuckles

    Didnt they rape the music in those ones though? Sonic would never really seem the same to me without the music.

    No. Sonic & Knuckles collection (which is a PC compilation of Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, and Sonic 3 & Knuckles) was the one that had the messed up music.

    Mega Collection has the exact games/music/everything as they were on the Genesis.

  2. I still think the part after "LET THERE BE REMIX" should be replaced with the Super Mario Super Show song.

    Swing your arms, from side to side,

    Come on it's time to go do the Mario,

    Take one step,

    and a then let's do the Mario altogether now!

    (It's all from memory but yes... would be great!)

    Hell yeah, now you're talkin'.

    I think you mean to say...



    I kinda like the intro as is, only because of the SMW sound effects and it isn't a version we've heard a thousand times before. :)

    But it might be nice to switch it up at least once...

    If anyone has the file, email it to vgdjpodcast@gmail.com. (Less talk, more action!)

    Action! Mp3 sent!

  3. First up, a resubmission:

    Final Fantasy X - Rikku

    Old = ffx_rikku.gif

    New = ffx_rikku1.gif

    LT: Nice fix, bro. Looking good now.

    Now the new stuff:


    Final Fantasy X - Rikku


    LT: Her chin's kind of on the picture border. If you're willing to get the bottom of the face all the way in without sacrificing the resolution quality, that would be good. Don't have to, as I'll use this version if you don't. I could see many female goers using it.

    Super Mario Bros. 3 - Fire Flower


    LT: Of course.

    Sonic CD - Metal Sonic


    LT: Too much white/empty space. The croppings chosen aren't really that good either, especially the second one. Forget these. Maybe get an in-game picture of him.


    YuYu Hakusho - Botan


    LT: Something a bit more expressive from her. Plus her eyes annoy the hell out of me.

    s-CRY-ed - Kazuma


    LT: Hating on this guy too. Evil eyes or some crud. I'd be up for a different shot of this guy.

    s-CRY-ed - Ryuho


    LT: A little fuzzy, but the resolution gets the job done.

    s-CRY-ed - Cougar

    scryed_cougar2.gif -> scryed_cougar2b.gif{A little fixing up on the contrast and brightness compared to the first one)

    LT: Yep, good fix. White background is pretty lame, but it's reasonably fine. I'll reluctantly go for it.

    s-CRY-ed - Mujo


    LT: Another crazy yelling anime face. Pass, sorry.



    vgdj.gif - Could probobly be better if made with original of the graphic (so if you want an avatar for this, and this one isn't good enough, bug The Wingless about it :) )

    LT: Aight, I'll bug John. Thanks for the idea though, as well as the accepted avatars ones you had here!

  4. I'd just like to point out that due to blizihizake's remixer-name change at OCR, the link on his remixer profile at the Chrono Symphonic site does not work. (sorry if I posted that in the wrong thread, but since this really isn't about the Special Edition, I thought this would be the correct place to post this)

    And from what I've listened to so far, this is just awesome.

  5. EDIT: Or can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong with Geocites? This is why I don't use that site much.

    When remote linking pictures from Geocities, the filename should be changed to a .txt file when entered onto geocities. If your sig's filename is "mysig.jpg", change the name to "mysig.txt" and put it on Geocities. Remote link as usual, and PRESTO!! The sig won't be the big bad red X.

  6. RJX025716B434AN.jpg

    This song rules for that reason and the fact that that's actually a Pepsi bottle being used in the tune (if I remember correctly! :lol:)

    The Pepsi bottle makes some sense because Pepsi owns 7up outside of the US and some Pepsi bottlers make 7up.

    Got that at http://www.salutetosoda.com

    I don't remember ever playing this game, so I never heard this theme until now. The music feels like it could fit in Super Mario Sunshine easily, with that summertime feel. The whistling near the end is real neat. Overall, this is a really cool song, and deserves a picture of a bald guy's thumbs up.


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