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  1. The music is credited through annotations on the video at the youtube page for it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CJc5I48QyU
  2. What's really funny is that he didn't even rename some of the files (or at least a couple I just checked on, "Metroid Funkpower Remix", whose filename was "105113_Metroid_SamusStrut_OC_ReMi.mp3", and "The Metroid Rap, whose filename was "88194_djbritt_Urban_Epidemic_Met.mp3" )
  3. This is one of the most unexpected and coolest mixes I've heard in a long while. Very classic style that just works really well. Nice Work!!
  4. Wow. ... I love the guitar work, and I love how the piano works in this, as well. This song is just awesome, period. Instant favorite.
  5. That CD is online at some website (though I'm unsure if I'm allowed to link to it)... And yes, it is horrible.
  6. It seems that within the Albums section, all the composer links are missing the "id/" after the composer/ subfolder and before the numerical identifier, and thus all give 404 errors.
  7. It isn't officially an OCR project, so it doesn't get quite the same display on OCR as the official OCR remix projects. Same thing is the case for the Cave Story remix project and Mazedude's American Album (though Mazedude's album did get some front-page spotlight time for a few days a while ago), and a few others.
  8. If that's the case, you definitely don't have completed downloads of those songs. Just try redownloading them from the site (mirrors #3 and #5 work for me)
  9. Oh how I loved the WIPs of this song... And how I love this final version even more... Awesome stuff (especially so, that solo at the end).
  10. Waste Water Wipeout is easily one of my most favorite mixes, and though this one doesn't sound much at all like that one, it still has the same style of having a whole lot of fun stuff happening in it. The only problem here is that it's kinda short. But whatever, this is still awesome stuff.
  11. Every time I listen to this, I like it more and more. The beginning has a great feel to it, the synth solo is awesome, and I really like that idea of the fake ending (though I wish there was more than the just 15 seconds or so of the second ending before that started to fade out). It's just really cool sounding, both in being good, as well as in sounding literally "cool/chilly" (especially at the beginning). Probobly not right, but my best guess is at 2:34 and/or 2:51, both parts kind of have that sound for a second...
  12. It's not that "if a song goes into multiple categories" that it's "lame", but if a song is listed in the genre category "multiple" or "miscellaneous"...
  13. Damn. This is just plain awesome. I've always been a huge fan of all of Dj Redlight's songs (especially his original stuff on his site), and this one definitely goes right to the top of my fav's from him. There's just so much cool stuff going on in there (which really works well with the souce), making this extremely fun to listen to. Excellent stuff!
  14. So much blue text... But so many new features... This seems like it's going to be pretty nice, once it gets all fixed.
  15. Time Management was one of the first mixes I ever downloaded from here, and I always wanted to hear some more from E-Bison. Now I have, and I am happy. I loved the WIP version mentioned from when he first returned a little while ago, and now the same for this final version. Great stuff!
  16. This project is just plain awesome. Excellent music, excellent site, excellent everything. I'll probobly put up a full review later, but right now, just a few comments: Walk on Water - wow. just. wow. words cannot describe how much I like this one. Three Ring Nightfall - This is one of the mixes I'm most impressed with. I don't know much of anything about actual remixing, but to me, Carnival Night seemed like a theme I thought would be really tough to arrange for. But this mix was done really nicely, and is one of my favorites in this project. (plus, for some reason, the opening percussion makes me think of Sonic Rush) Kanjika mixes - epic. Before the Storm - doesn't sound at all like Death Egg, but it definitely is the Death Egg (though it took me a few listens to really make the clear connection). Another one that I can't stop listening to.
  17. Just wondering, but what exactly is the point of doing that? Even if it was to get the OCR file for tagging reasons or similar, deleting it right away (to wait for that OCR file) doesn't really make much sense to me... anyway... This is a really good mix. There are all types of things going on, but they really fit well together, and just make an awesome final product. Nice Work!!
  18. the first one in the quote is Mikuru, and the second is Tsuruya. The rest of the ones in Nineko's post are Haruhi. I also have made some avatars, so here they are: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Haruhi - (same pic as the last one, with minor changes, as I wasn't sure about the sharpness) Tsuruya Mikuru Kyon ... YuYu Hakusho Botan LT: Took the 1st and 5th Haruhi and the 4th Tsuruya. Rest don't look sharp enough with the resizes. Nice job with the ones taken though.
  19. That would not be a problem, since there are not 1500 mixes on this site. The rest of the mixes that used to occupy some of those missing spots in the OCR numbering scheme had been removed for one reason or another.
  20. If you are downloading the mixes past 1250 into the same folder as you have 1001-1250, the bittorrent client you use should recognize those files (unless those files have been edited to be different from the ones in the torrent), and not re-download them.
  21. 1.) Rayza - Azure Lake 2.) Akumajobelmont - Water on the Dancefloor 3.) Kanjika - Hydrochill 4.) Gamebox - Ice Cap 4 Life 5.) Sir Nuts - Run for your Life, Knuckles! Honorable mention to the Lava Reef mixes from Sir Nuts and Gamebox.
  22. As long as everyone's critiquing spellings and such, I believe it's supposed to be "Schumacher's Bar", spelled like the F1 drivers, Michael and Ralf Schumacher's last name. And BTW, that is a great reference for that song's title, Rexy. [/F1_fan] As for the cover-art, I really like the back-side's design. But for the front side, it just looks like it has no depth to it, like it's flat. I don't really know, but I think the main thing that gets to me is how the background is just solely the checkerboard pattern, for the front cover. On the back, the checkerboard pattern works well, because there's that "outer-space" style blue on the one edge, helping create the image of the sphere. On the front, there isn't anything to reference to, so it just doesn't come across as a sphere the way the back does. But overall (even though it sounds like I don't), I really like those covers, Spire! I wish I had time myself to attempt my own take on covers for this project, but that's unlikely to happen.
  23. Try this: http://www.ocremix.org/songs/Sonic_&_Knuckles_Lover_Reef_OC_ReMix.mp3 Looks like there's currently a small problem with the amperstand in the links on the download page. As for a review: just saying "I just love this song," is about the best review I could come up with, at least at this hour.
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