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  1. The music is credited through annotations on the video at the youtube page for it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CJc5I48QyU
  2. What's really funny is that he didn't even rename some of the files (or at least a couple I just checked on, "Metroid Funkpower Remix", whose filename was "105113_Metroid_SamusStrut_OC_ReMi.mp3", and "The Metroid Rap, whose filename was "88194_djbritt_Urban_Epidemic_Met.mp3" )
  3. This is one of the most unexpected and coolest mixes I've heard in a long while. Very classic style that just works really well. Nice Work!!
  4. Wow. ... I love the guitar work, and I love how the piano works in this, as well. This song is just awesome, period. Instant favorite.
  5. That CD is online at some website (though I'm unsure if I'm allowed to link to it)... And yes, it is horrible.
  6. It seems that within the Albums section, all the composer links are missing the "id/" after the composer/ subfolder and before the numerical identifier, and thus all give 404 errors.
  7. It isn't officially an OCR project, so it doesn't get quite the same display on OCR as the official OCR remix projects. Same thing is the case for the Cave Story remix project and Mazedude's American Album (though Mazedude's album did get some front-page spotlight time for a few days a while ago), and a few others.
  8. If that's the case, you definitely don't have completed downloads of those songs. Just try redownloading them from the site (mirrors #3 and #5 work for me)
  9. Oh how I loved the WIPs of this song... And how I love this final version even more... Awesome stuff (especially so, that solo at the end).
  10. Waste Water Wipeout is easily one of my most favorite mixes, and though this one doesn't sound much at all like that one, it still has the same style of having a whole lot of fun stuff happening in it. The only problem here is that it's kinda short. But whatever, this is still awesome stuff.
  11. Every time I listen to this, I like it more and more. The beginning has a great feel to it, the synth solo is awesome, and I really like that idea of the fake ending (though I wish there was more than the just 15 seconds or so of the second ending before that started to fade out). It's just really cool sounding, both in being good, as well as in sounding literally "cool/chilly" (especially at the beginning). Probobly not right, but my best guess is at 2:34 and/or 2:51, both parts kind of have that sound for a second...
  12. It's not that "if a song goes into multiple categories" that it's "lame", but if a song is listed in the genre category "multiple" or "miscellaneous"...
  13. Damn. This is just plain awesome. I've always been a huge fan of all of Dj Redlight's songs (especially his original stuff on his site), and this one definitely goes right to the top of my fav's from him. There's just so much cool stuff going on in there (which really works well with the souce), making this extremely fun to listen to. Excellent stuff!
  14. So much blue text... But so many new features... This seems like it's going to be pretty nice, once it gets all fixed.
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