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  1. Shoot. Got all hyped up reading the reviews and then was disapointed when listening to it. This is good, but nothing compared to some of prots other stuff (ie vast inner depths of brinstar). The drums just sound really......random, I guess. It all sounds distant, and doesn't really have any mood to me. I think next time prot should have more going on musically, and less focus on the percussion, and less weird effects. I would probably like it more if I was familiar with the origional, but I get the feeling this will grow on me anyways. Good, but not great.
  2. Great piece! Superb sound quality, good arrangement, good length, and just all around great song. Not one of my favorites, but I like it anyways. You guys are getting WAY to hyped up over this. Honestly I think most of djpretzels and AmiEvils works are better than this.
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