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  1. Hi there. I head a song on last.fm. 4-Eyes - My Shell (Anime Remix). the trail led here. I was wondering How I could download that song. as Last.fm had no links. Did you know you can distribute your work through Last.fm?

  2. You have some screeeeewwwwwwwy soundtracks, man. Where'd you pick 'em up? Because Butterflies is the final battle track from SH2. Do you recall "Terror in the Depths of the Fog" or "The Darkness in Our Minds" being on those CDs? Because I don't recall "Terror in the Depths of the Fog" (most pornographic industrial Silent Hill track EVER) being in SH2... EVER. WHERE is it? Anybody know?... anybody?
  3. Actually, in the one room in the first apartment building, those aren't moths. If you examine the one on the bed, the text reads "There is a body of a dead butterfly on the bed.". BUTTERFLY. It makes more sense that way too. I mean, the final boss song IS titled "Butterflies", and I've seen butterflies being attracted to light as well. Butterflies, in my opinion, also have a more symbolic meaning in Silent Hill. Yeah, I'm done now.
  4. Isn't it COMPLETELY obvious why Laura's in Silent Hill? She's annoyed people to the point that they are willing to commit suicide to get away from her. Nuff. Said. XD (yes, that was a joke. ha. ha. ha. *beat with a 2x4 with nails in it*) I adore Silent Hill, and have played all three in the series... SH2 would be my fave thus far. I haven't gotten too far in SH3 yet, though... so it may dominate soon... I really adore SH2 for its weirdness factor, especially towards the end, in the labyrinth and abyss.. you know. The place thing. With no map. XD The hotel was also really neat... after it flooded. Best. Silent Hill. Music. EVER. Silent Hill 2's plot would also have to be the best, as Israfel earlier stated... wicked religious symbolism, too. Well... all of the games had wicked religious symbolism... but SH2's just stood out the most metaphorically, which was cool. SH1 was just so damn blunt about it. XD
  5. This remix is godlike. That's all there is to it... The ambient effects and deep pads in the intro establish a calm mood, before it blasts you away with an action-packed Brinstar rendition, which calms back down to Maridia, and then jumps back into the action again. Really, this is a remix of epic proportions, and it should be downloaded by everybody... its just unbelievable. And yes, it is somewhat horrifying if you really picture it deeply enough.
  6. ...OMG WTF THOSE CHORDS ARE UNDERWATER DUCKS. HE'S RIGHT. But anyways, awesome mix. I love it.
  7. Very cool... very cool indeed. I don't have much of a problem with the lack of panning and the reverb. I think it makes this mix sound like it was recorded in the first cavernous overworld of Zelda, myself. Very cool, in my opinion. The samples and soundfonts, I like very much, especially the strings. You can tell they're electronic, but I like that. The fretless bass is fantastic, and the drum samples are some of the best I've heard, as I like breakbeat drum loops and samples. I'm yet to figure out what the deal is with the fading bells in the intro. O_o All in all, cool mix, just the right length, and very enjoyable all 'round. Props to Quinn for this one.
  8. I'm like Homer in that one Simpsons episode where they meet Mel Gibson (if I recall correctly). The only guy strong enough to tell the truth. =P Well, this remix IS beautiful, yes, but it's also on the repetitive side... in my opinion, BIG time. The samples used are fantastic, and the drum programming is very neat (a bit of glitch-inspired stuff every now and then, so it seems). I think this remix just needed something else. It doesn't sound quite enough like the original for me, and I'm going to keep griping about it. =P Nah, not really. I really like this remix, there's just...certain "things" about it that keep me from loving it. 7.3/10 (Heck, still way above average. But with McV, you'd expect better)
  9. First off, I'd like to congratulate Rayza on this great mix. It's about time there was a Green Hill mix on this site. Secondly, I've really never been a fan of actual eurodance/trance music. This track, however, strays a bit, in using the Green Hill melody QUITE well (and with a key change ), and the background whistly synth is kind of neat as well. The best part is the end, where the ring sound is used as harmonies. Overall, this is a great mix that shouldn't be passed up by fans of techno/trance/eurodance, or fans of Sonic music in particular. Great stuff, Rayza. 9 out of 10. Good stuff.
  10. Okay, I'm listening to this for my first time, and I can already safely say that this'll make at least one of the CDs I burn in the near future. It's some VERY cool acid techno here, with some massive synth string chords that make my head explode. The original track from FF7, "It's Difficult to Stand on Both Feet, Isn't It?" was a track I was pretty indifferent about. This remix however... very nice work, Beatdrop. The best part is probably around 2:30, where it comes around to some classic rave/trance goodness. Excellent stuff.
  11. Astounding. Truly beautiful piece here. Epic in every sense of the word. The buildup works for me EXTREMELY well, and I can picture a wide variety of scenarios for this remix. Whether it be the classic ghost house scene... or what I pictured... Armies. Armies of insects. (think starsthip troopers here)... behind a hill... you can hear their feet coming closer and closer. ( 0:30 ) You look over the hill you cower behind and see nothing and get back down as a blast of weaponry flies over your head ( 0:51 ). You and your teammates continue cowering until the rapid blasts stop... then you look up to see what you didn't want to see ( 1:48 )... bugs. Marching over the hill in an unorganized manner, not stopping for anything in their way. You look behind the ones that are still in the distance... and see more just making their way over the upwards slope. You know it's all over, and you remember your family for a few moments... ( 2:30 )... you remember your wife, your kids, and how they said if you didn't come back, they'd know you died for a good cause... a tear streams down your face... and you choke the rest back... you turn, blasting anything in your way, your life flashing before your eyes while you kill... then slowly... painfully... a sharp pincer pierces your throat... and you fall to the ground. ( 3:00 ) SIMPLY ASTOUNDING. Now, read that as you listen.
  12. *implodes* I like. A lot. That's all there is to it. Happy new year, everybody.
  13. Certainly (one of) the most amazing remixes I've ever heard come off of OCR like this... I mean, I never expected the cavern theme from SMW2 to turn into such, what may be, an extremely beautiful piece. Truly astounding. Blew me away. Thanks a million for this one, McVaffe. MAJOR props.
  14. This remix, while it does kick ass, has been on my hard drive for AGES... why? Because it's a conversion of one of Dr.F's own MIDI sequences, sent out to a WAV file from "Wingroove" the best damn MIDI player in the world. Yes, your MIDIs will sound just as good as this MP3 when you play 'em. You can then download the song for... I dunno... 56 KB? It's a great remix, but I think a re-sequenced version with nice samples would've done it good, hell, maybe would've even made it amazing. Props to Dr.F for all his great MIDI sequences in the past, and this remix as well.
  15. Wow. Kickin' remix, man. I always love a good rock remix, and since this is Castlevania, it only helps matters. But anyways, keep it up. I think another one is required... ;;;
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