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  1. XMPlay is capable of playing practically anything. If not, there's a forum for requests.
  2. Screw Winamp. We need "ChipPlay." XMPlay is by far the best music player available.
  3. Moguta, I'm always glad to point people in the direction of the highest quality video game music reproduction. SNESamp uses a "hack" that hooks Winamp to enable it to decompress RSN RARs automatically. Any Winamp unRAR plugin should allow you to play RSN files with in_spc.dll. (For example, you could use XMPlay and xmp-rar.dll.) Now that the VGM plugin no longer registers with SPC files, I think I'll migrate in_spc.dll over to Winamp. (Previously I was getting plugin conflicts.) Scratch that. Now I'm trying to convert myself to XMPlay. It's amazing.
  4. About the VGM plugin: Aside from the technical details, it's really the best. Have a listen. Information on Regen and the plugin:
  5. I know, mudlord threw that plugin together at the request of others and me. It's the most accurate SNES sound emulator available because it uses the sound core of bsnes which uses blargg's SNES audio emulator. He provided the source in case someone would like to add features: "PS: The code is messy. Like the sample buffer code. Be warned."
  6. You must not care about perfection. Maybe there could be a "perfect" version of Chipamp and then everything else.
  7. I follow the status of chiptune players pretty closely. The plugins offered by Chipamp are very outdated. Here are the current and most accurate video game music format plugins that should be included: 64th Note v1.2 beta 3 in_usf.dll NEZplug++ + 2 + 17.01 in_nez.dll snes_spc player 0.1 (sound core used in bsnes) in_spc.dll GME VGM PLUGIN (AamirM's Regen core injected into GME with some modifications) in_vgx.dll SSF "Decorder" 1.17 (Saturn Sound Format) in_aossfu.dll 2SF "Decorder" 0.14 (Nintendo DS Sound Format) in_vio2sfu.dll DSF 0.04 (Dreamcast Sound Format) in_aodsfu.dll vgmstream r475 (replaces in_cube.dll) in_vgmstream.dll Toss GEZamp. VGM more than replaces GYM. SNESamp has nice features but is inaccurate. So is NotSo Fatso. So is Maxim's VGM input plugin 0.35. Stand-alone players of note: Hoot (Sharp X68000, NEC PC-8801, NEC PC-98x1, etc.) M1 (arcade systems) append "" to URL after you visit the link Frontend:
  8. What happened to updating Chipamp? A lot of the plugins are out-of-date, and Winamp just isn't the best program to use to play some of the formats, anyway. I have the same problem with the Open dialogue not recognizing any extensions. EXTREMELY ANNOYING.
  9. SmartOne

    Nintendo DS

    Got a new one today. Wow, they were sold out for a long time.
  10. I've read about a game for Playstation that's a rhythm game of some sort (maybe a platformer?). The cool thing about it is you can put in your own music cds and a level is crafted according to the music. I think it might be japanese. The problem is I don't remember the name and searching hasn't turned up any results. Anyone know the name?
  11. SmartOne

    Nintendo DS

    Then what's wrong with Minnesota? and Target?
  12. SmartOne

    Nintendo DS

    No thanks. I want a shiny, new, dead pixel-free one.
  13. SmartOne

    Nintendo DS

    I know it has probably already been talked about, but I don't have time to read this whole thread. Does anyone know anything about the DS shortage and when Nintendo will start meeting the demand? This is especially frustrating me because I got a DS for Christmas (a white one) that had a dead pixel. Grrr stupid green dead pixel. At the time I had no idea how hot of an item the DS was/is, so I decided to exchange it as soon as possible. While I was getting a haircut, my mom returned my DS to Target before checking to see if any were available. Of course there were none, and the grouchy old return lady sent us on a hunt to a different Target store claiming they had 5 in stock. Wrong. This happened the week after Christmas. To make a long and agonizing story short, I'm out of a DS, have started Final Fantasy III and Yoshi's Island DS and cannot play them, and I can't play any of my siblings games either. Oh and I have to get one from Target because that's where my dad works and I get a discount. So my options are further limited. Suck. Thinking about it makes me want to punch someone.