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  1. i really like this song..just makes you want to stick a rose between yor teeth and dance.
  2. theres a romantic appeal to this song to me and I guess it appeals to that deep down part of me..good rhythm..not forced and just a cool feel to it. Nice
  3. OOOOo Mesdusaaaaa! hmmm...does kage like? yes..he does ooooooooo nice calm mix to put me asleep after long day of......stuff. I likes....bye bye
  4. Sweet! I like it when the guitar hits in. i could actually practice on the bag to this mix(now I can stop fighting to the original version...only I would spar to the sounds of the summoning and dance of curse real good mix! Make moooooorrree!
  5. This song is very, very good. It even made my wife get a tingle (I love her tingle)...but then again DKC Fear Factory had a similar effect. She's just a strange girl. But ANYway, welll done song. Well done.
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