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  1. sorry I didnt see this over a year ago haha. Thanks for the recommend!!

  2. Thanks! It wasn't very well received on youtube so thats encouraging :)

  3. I love you bebay you are such a sweetheart...

  4. Thanks for the suggestion! I will have to peep the songs. Cheers!

  5. awesome! glad you dig that one! had mixed reviews about it. :)

  6. I just now saw your message to me. Sure thing! i just say give credit where credit is due, and I always like to see what fans do with my remixes so send it my way!

  7. I will be one of your 2 tracks if not one of the more that you receive by the 20th

  8. Actually there is a different version for the project release

  9. Thanks for showing me!

  10. Yea go for it, link me when you do!

  11. I have a new url but I dont have my site up right now. I am relaunching once I am done with my album.


  12. thanks for the soundtrack tip, pretty cool music! Ill consider it

  13. the server is down temporarily. The website is ALMOST done lol

  14. yea i didnt get that message. definitely will get you on. stay in touch, we haven't gotten to that point yet but I will keep you in mind

  15. @tekcoh_top thanks

  16. aww thanks! same 2 you

  17. haha thanks that means so much! I appreciate you taking the time to tell me :)

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