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  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I will have to peep the songs. Cheers!

  2. I posted it on the visitor's message on bLiNd's thread. But I wanted to suggest Mother 3, "Hard Rain" or "A Tiny Enormous Miracle"
  3. Hey bLiNd. I have a suggestion for a remix. I've listened to your other Earthbound remixes. What about doing a Mother 3 remix. It's a very hard soundtrack to do remixes for as far as I can tell from listening to the soundtrack so many many times. Anyway, I'm just throwing this out there, but my suggestions would be "A tiny enormous miracle" or "Hard rain". Two absolutely emotional tracks. Anyway, other than than, I love you work. You never miss a beat *chuckle*.

  4. bLiNd, you really have captured pure and beautiful energy in this piece of music. I took deep breath the first few seconds I listened it (the second time) and pure chills rand down my spine. The vocals combined with the fast paced energetic beats are fantstic. Kudos to you brother. Brilliant piece of work.
  5. I could name a few games. Some of them are more obscure. There is yet to be any remixes of Mother 3 (as far as I have seen). Okage Shadow King is pretty obscure...I could think of 2 tracks in that game that could be remixed rather well. I think World of Warcraft (although very well known) has a few tracks...mainly the battlegrounds themes that could offer great fast paced and or heavy remixes.

    Mother 3

    All I gotta say is, I imported Mother 3, played thru it 3 times, can't read a lick of Japanese. I used a translation at GameFAQs and pretty much got the jist of it. Mother 3 is one of the greatest games I have ever played. The battle system is unique, the story is deep and dark. Blatent content that makes it instantly "innapropriate" for our censored American culture. I love everything about it. Shigesato Itoi is a genius. Mother (series) in general is the most unique RPG series to this day. Most RPGs follow the swords and sorcery trend, but Mother stepped it up and kicked butt with a Baseball Bat, Psychic powers and Pizza. Oh, an FYI, Mother 3's Rhythm battle system is harder on an emu cause of the sync time, never had a prob on my cart tho.
  7. excellent, thanks fella's. I usually have very little success finding a good database for sound on the net.
  8. Ok, I am looking to do a Mother 3 remix. And I'm considering using some WW2ish type sound effects, perhaps marching effects I am not quite sure but anyways. I was wondering a couple things. What is a good Synthesizer (or even Synth Program) to use and also what are some good Databases for SFX to look into? Would really appreciate the help. I want to make my first remix, a remix to remember.
  9. I just read today that Lucas from Mother 3 (what would have been Earthbound 64) is going to be an unlockable in SSBB. Freaking sweet. Anyone else play Mother 3?
  10. So I pirate walks into a bar lads, with a steering wheel down his pants, and the bartender looks at the pirate and says "Hey lad, ya realize yer gots a steering wheel down yet pants" and the pirate looks down and looks back at the bartender and says "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, AND ITS DRIVING ME' NUTS!"
  11. SPOILER WARNING!~ KH2 definately would rock, especially the "Steamboat Willie World" Battle Music. And "Katamari on the Rocks" or (I don't know why but it cracks me up) "Fugue #7777"
  12. That one sums up Aeris' death pretty well. This one sums up the entire game perfectly. http://youtube.com/watch?v=nllR2k3uTNg
  13. Yeah, I can agree that she was inspired by personal experience of the creators putting it into their story. Sure thats great. But typically (and I am not vouching for all gamers) most people who play RPG's want to play a story w/well developed characters and an engrossing plot which, yeah, isn't full of plotholes. Another note, on creators personal interest in their games. I really don't think most gamers would be interested in (for instance) knowing that Giygas' dialogue in the final battle of Earthbound is inspired by (and I take a direct quote from Wikipedia) "a traumatic childhood experience where he (Shigesato Itoi the creator) mistakenly walked into an adult movie theatre and caught a glimpse of a sex/rape scene in the 1957 movie Kenpei and the Dismembered Beauty". Not exactly something you want to know, BUT, surely interesting trivial material. I agree, Sakaguchi is a genius, when it comes to putting together a game. Final Fantasy VII however, is just a giant cash cow now for Square-Enix, which fanboys and fangirls easily sway into. NOT TO SAY, that some of the titles they are releasing aren't good, BUT, it is going a little overboard.
  14. Ya know, your right, I'm thinking about it now, that I am a lot more cognitive than I was when I wrote that last respone. Fei was pretty whiny too.
  15. I hear you can use her boobs as a weapon in the up-and-coming remake of Final Fantasy VII for the PS3.
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