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  1. I'm going to buck the trend and say I think both look good. I think citing it's arrival on the 360 as evidence that FFXIII regular is a weak title or that don't believe in it is wrong. Square has been testing the market with games on 360 already, with Last Remnent and Final Fantasy Crystal Defender coming to XBLA. They are also aware of Lost Odyssey and how it did since it was a lot of SqaureEnix former employees. Also if you were going to spend the extra cash to port the game to another system it would make sense one to do it from the PS3 to the 360 (360 is easier to develop for, Kaz Hurai(I believe that's his name) the chairmen of Sony even acknowledges the difficulty of programming on the PS3) because of the cost doing it that way. But you want to spend that money to reap money that you would get from the expanded audience. It wouldn't financially make sense to put the weaker of the two on two systems. Versus looks interesting but I'm not sure how sold I am on the people making it. Kingdom Hearts was nice, but was mindless and downright easy most of the time. Seeing that the other people involved worked on Dissidia and Derge of Cereberus didn't fill me with confidence either. Though both certainly look interesting and I look forward to trying both out.
  2. I'd have to agree with everything before, I love the music from the SoR (I own all the games. + 2 to geekness) games and this track totally caught me be surprise when I first listened. This is definitely the best remix I've listened to in some time (and I've listened to pretty much everyone I can find) and to hear that it almost didn't make it sends shudders down my spine. Listening to it on surround sound it probably the highlight of my day to day. The funky guitar-ish thing is really, really, really cool. Kudos, and keep it up man, this was awesome.
  3. I enjoyed it a lot, the lyrics in and of themselves are inherently corny I don't think any approach could entirely take that out. This is a lot smoother than the version in the game, and remixes usually give you a different flavor on a song rather than make you think "Wow this song is better than the one in the game" (unless it's a mix of a song from a game back in the cartridge days) but this one made me think that. So good song, great work on otherwise inherently corny lyrics.
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