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  1. Last boss on 7th saga...He takes your ass to school no matter how you fight him, every damn time As well as Ultema On FFT
  2. Wells let's go on from there: Hardest boss for me to beat on the computer and still remains to be the hardest boss I've ever fought on an RPG Level Is off of Baldurs Gate 1 The end fight with Saravok, He nailed me time after time, after time, till I had to put it down and play something else cause he could always hit me, and slaughter the rest of my party. For the SNES Well hell that goes to erg, um hmm...I'd say..frm Secert of Mana 2 the Dark Knight in the Glass desert that guy chews you up at high levels and spits you right the hell out like you were nothing more than a play thing. Nes: Well
  3. Ahhhhh, I must say this is a very good composer track. Damn. I gotta say it, Good job, as a boxer I like to softer things that make me focus more, it's alot like the original, but it's got that flare to it this is the way it should have been done on the SNES lol. Click. Listen. Repeat.
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