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  1. Some of the other mixes (Laura's Theme) on that page are pretty good too. He has some wallpaper, as well. Click here.
  2. Perhaps I'm just a dummy and it's so obvious that everyone's going to retort with a :slaps forehead: "Well duh!" but am I the only one to hear Laura's Theme around the 4-minute mark of Waiting For You?
  3. With all the metal mixes posted over at VGMix and now this here at OCR, goat's quickly becoming one of my favorite remixers. Symphonic, break-beat and trance are all well and good, but, as djp alluded to, 'balls to the wall' rock remixes tend to be few and far between, so kudos to goat's excellent remix skillz.
  4. Seconded. The fact that this song hasn't (apparently) garnered any attention is an absolute crime. Though I admit that I'm someone biased towards high-tempo techno remixes on this site, I really think that you'd be doing yourself a disservice not to give this excellent song a listen. As djp mentions, the siren effects are just fantastic, I think you'd be hard pressed to not rewind and give them a listen. Additionally, I like how the song begins on somewhat of a slow note with the cars passing by, pulls you in with the bass hits, then starts going at a break-neck pace only to mellow out once again as the track concludes. This one's definitely going to be in my playlist for a considerable time.
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