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  1. What are you using for the demix? It sounds like FamiTracker, and if that's the case, the DCPM channel is used for really small samples, so you can crunch up a sample (or browse through their forum to find samples from other games like SMB3) to give your bass drum more 'oomf' like the original has. There are also tricks to use the triangle channel as a bass drum, but the bassline has to conform to that. Also, if you use the VRC6 setting, this gives you two more square channels with finer duty-cycles and a sawtooth that can double as a bass (specifically for the ostinato part you got going on). More channels could make it eaiser for a demix, depending on what parts you want to keep and what you can get rid of.

    If you really want to make it work (VRC6 or standard 2A03), it would probably require a re-write of the song to capitalize on the capabilites of the chip as well as making sure you don't waste any channels or patterns on unnecessary phrases. This would be your best bet to making it sound as good as possible as a chiptune, rather than something along the lines of an 'attempt' to make a demix. Unless the song itself is already written with the limits of a specific chip in mind (as with the 2A03, two square and a triangle), it will more than likely require a re-write.

    However, that's just for an NES sound. Chiptunes aren't specifically about that, so in reality there's no limit as to how many voices or channels you have, provided they are simple waves and whatnot. I know MilkyTracker has ten channels for whatever you want (sine, noise, etc.) so, depending on what you want to do, you've a lot of options.

    But besides what I wrote above, you're headed in the right direction! :) I'm eager to hear more.

  2. Our theme this month is prophecies! (No, not that Prophecy.) Any game with a strong lore about the end o' da world is game for the mixing! While I do not know what exactly what would fall into that category (presumably every JRPG ever), I'll post some examples when cotti gets around to letting me know what applies!

    And our bonus is maniacal laughter! As an instrument or as an effect (or both), the choice is yours. And to quote cotti, original recordings are highly encouraged!

  3. What's January's theme?

    ...or am I too early?

    A little bit early there! The results have just been posted, so once our winner, cotti, finds out that he's won, he'll supply us with a theme and a bonus and then we'll be underway for this month!

  4. From reddit:


    There are quotes from the developers who said that Ocarina of Time was actually the Imprisoning War mentioned in A Link to the Past, so I think that this is how they covered their tracks after they made the ending to Ocarina split into two. So now, rather than Ocarina being the Imprisioning War, that event happens after the Hero of Time 'fails' to stop Ganon from acquiring the entire Triforce.

    So basically, don't time travel kiddies.

  5. This month is Snow & Ice! Any music that is unique to a snow or ice level/stage is fair for the mixin'. Unique being that if it plays elsewhere (like the New Super Mario Bros. Wii stage music), it doesn't count. Gotta be exclusive yo!

    The bonus is a live instrument! Making this one really easy this month, especially because the definition is ANYTHING THAT ISN'T SEQUENCED. Therefore, beatbox, banging on a table; as long as the sound is recorded and not sequenced, it'll count! As always, just make sure you point it out so I don't overlook it by mistake...

    And we have an XO's Challenge this month! If you do your remix in a tropical style (i.e. steel drums, nylon guitars, ambient seagulls, etc.), you'll earn +3 bonus points and an extra +1 with your vote! So you have the opportunity of earning FIVE bonus points this month, plus an extra point to vote with! That's enough for your participation, right? Right?? ;_;

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