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  1. Lol, you weren't kidding :P

    Yeah, it was pretty evident that I just threw the ending together after the skid sound effect...oh well; I knew I didn't really have a chance, and after finally listening to the mixes, it's pretty much confirmed! Bonus points for anyone who can point out all of the little shout-outs I sprinkled in there besides the two main sources.

    Also, .nsf for anyone who wants it can be found over on the FamiTracker forums: http://famitracker.com/forum/posts.php?id=3524

    Yes, VRC6 in FamiTracker...we retro up in diz bitch.

  2. I had a glorious idea, but sadly I didn't get to finish it in time after getting drunk and not being as productive as I should have been.



    ohgod it's 5AM what am i doing with my life

  3. So...are you asking for covers in the style of chiptunes, or original songs? You mention both, but you say you want a video game song for the final piece, but nowadays not all chiptunes are video game music, just as not all video game music is chiptunes. I'd just like to clear up some confusion.

  4. Since nobody likes Batman (or, at least the music that represents him), Tarrasque has given us our theme for this month, which is Non-Famous Composers! He wrote up this long list of people who don't qualify, so it basically boils down to indie games and obscure titles. Of course, there are games like Ducktales which are eligible, since nobody is sure who did the music! But I digress.

    The bonus is the Wilhelm Scream! Use it in your mix for those juicy +2 points. AND, there's an XO's Challenge this month! If you make a Nico Nico Douga style remix using only the Wilhelm Scream as a sound, you'll get +4 bonus points, extra voting points (amount to be determined from number of entries), and a custom forum title (obviously at OLR, not here)! More info can be found in the thread at OLR.

  5. Geez Bobby, the music in that video sounds like it could've EASILY
    . Seriously, like what?! o_O()

    It sounds like that's what they were trying to execute, but clearly they didn't want to put bad music into a commercial game (since FM can get rotten pretty quickly). Time for a Ristar hack where the music actually makes it difficult to face that boss!

  6. I'd give them a voice lesson for a complimentary hot dicking.

    I enjoy the fact, however, that in the description, the 'production' company says they took no part in the creation of the song; they only shot the video, yet it's the only video they have uploaded...

    Hot problems = no talent?

  7. Excellent, an emo bitchfest thread. :)

    One of the things I remind my students often about composing music is this:

    Composing music or more specifically, mastering music composition is a life-long pursuit.

    Acknowledging that point of fact is really important in engaging the learning process and maintaining a positive and constructive outlook throughout the journey that is mastering music composition.

    What don't I like about making music?

    The impediments and obstacles I face in the music making process are usually related to what I feel are the limitations of my tools and the legwork required to wrestle with those tools to get the product I imagine.

    What do I think I am not very good at?

    My foils are related to discipline. I am not very good at maintaining focus and discipline in general, this is not unique to music making, but is a problem I have with every aspect of my life.

    (In order to remedy this, I need to balance discipline appropriately with a playful creative outlet, but it's not something that happens over night, it requires a lot of hard work.)

    Is there a specific step in the music making process I flat out hate?

    I really dislike instrument programming. It's like going to the dentist, it's good to go, you have to do it, but it's painful almost the entire way through.

    Boring, tedious, or frustrating?

    Along with instrument programming, I would have to say mixing. I'm never happy with my mixes. And if I ever find myself happy with my mixes, it never lasts.

    I would also like to add that I am constantly frustrated with what I feel is a lack of harmonic diversity in my music making. At some point mastering conventional harmony is boring and you feel the need to push outside of the box more and more.

    But music composition, as a life-long journey, does have its breakthroughs, it's moments of revelation. Much like Chess or Go, a beginning player wouldn't understand the movements of an advanced player, but then you have these breakthrough moments that free you from the box, but then you realize that you have to meet that breakthrough with an advancement in your skill because that box you broke through was providing structure.

    The most important and embarrassing music revelation I had was last year when I realized that key signatures were meaningless and I have been struggling to advance my skill level to meet that revelation. Sometimes it's quite frustrating.

    I'm also struggling with a completely satisfying control over orchestral timbre through orchestration and instrumentation.

    Something other people think I'm good at that I suck at?

    Music composition, orchestration, and production.

    Often times we look at someone on top of a hill, and see them as being at the summit, but from our angle, we can't see the mountain behind them--they can--in hiking we call this a false summit.

    There is still so much more to learn, so much more mountain to climb, and yeah, it can be exhausting, and it can be frustrating when you look over and someone younger than you is higher up that mountain, or someone who used to be behind you is ahead, but you gotta focus on your climbing at all times.

    There is no final summit, they are all false summits, it's the climbing that's the point of the journey.

    As a composer that hasn't done jack-all since I graduated last year, this speaks to me deeply.

  8. With OneUp bringing us a spectacular NES mash-up, he also gives us our theme for this month: BATMAN! Any game that the caped crusader has starred in is eligible, from the 8-bit to his most recent outing in Arkham City!

    And the bonus this time is a little different: basically, you draw you own original Batman villian, and you'll receive the bonus. You can attach it as album art so we can all see it (or send it to me with your remix and I'll attach it), and then we'll have two voting categories this month! One for the music, and one for the drawing! Haven't really decided on a prize for the drawing category, but we'll figure something out as we go along. Sound cool?

  9. I think it was more along the lines of 'my music means something to me, and i hate when people don't understand this meaning and attempt to degrade it by using lyrics i don't approve of.'

    which is valid, but at the same time it comes across exactly as bleck's statement. some might find the standard 'club bangers' to have more of a meaning than deadmau5's music, and others might not see any meaning in either. all down to perception.

  10. I have a degree in Music Composition!

    I now live with my parents while trying to find a stable non-music job that will help me pay off the giant debt I dug myself into because that's how cool I am.

    Also doesn't help that I won't be able to use music to support myself because I'm a lazy shit, although I'm still trying to figure out if I'm truly the problem or if other factors are involved (i.e. environment).

  11. Example, if a person sucked at mastering and produced sub-par listenability with their songs, that person might decide to 'switch' to chip-tunes for the added benefit of having a higher chance at getting accepted. Not to say that person doesn't enjoy chip-tunes, or doesn't have a special talent at composing in chip-tune.

    shit i've been found out

  12. Could chiptunes be considered an "ensemble?" Like, the way multiple genres can exist within a standard set of instruments?

    Yeah, I would classify it as an ensemble, or instrumentation. It's similiar to a big band in jazz: you've got your set instruments, and the specific genre (swing, funk, latin, etc.) is left blank for the artist to fill in. What they choose to do with the set of sounds is their choice. Rather than saying 'big band' is a genre, because you've got everything from Count Basie to Maria Schneider, and the difference between them is the difference between Koji Kondo and Sam when it comes to chiptunes.

  13. This is why my remix that won zircon's contest a couple of years ago didn't get posted; it wasn't true chiptune, but it adhered to the '3 channels + drums' format, thus making it not suitable for the site. Of course, it wasn't like I was expecting to win but I still feel bad all the same.

    Obviously, the solution to all of this is to create that 'OverTracked Chiptunes' site! Or I suppose VGMix would qualify too...

  14. It makes me sad that this website is set up like all of these different basketball program sites that my little brother is swindled into thinking will really help him 'enhance his jumps' and 'dunk like the pros,' and then beg my parents to purchase for him since he's far too lazy to, you know, actually practice like he needs to.

    But then again, if the demographic they are advertising to includes people who don't need to 'learn boring music theory' and care about become the next 'top-billin' Grammy winner, bangin' out fresh beats,' maybe this is the new job market: capitalizing on stupid people.

    "Want to use your own samples? No Biggie!"

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