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  1. This month, our theme is non-motorized sports! So put away your ExciteBikes and Wave Racers and grab a pigskin or golf club, and get ready to remix!

    The bonus this month is Jokes! If you include the telling of a joke in your mix, you'll get the bonus points. Obviously, it's preferable if you were the one doing the telling, but if you're microphone shy, a sample will do.

  2. I heard GTA 5 will have a golf simulator. What...

    yesssssssssssssssss; vent my frustrations on my opponent with my club when I miss a birdie!

    Also, according to this: http://ir.take2games.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=86428&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1625672&highlight=

    It appears the game may not be all of San Andreas, but just Los Santos and surrounding country-side. As I stated before, I haven't played San Andreas, so what's everyone else's opinion on this news?

  3. When it comes to the loveliness of the sandbox, I enjoy GTA for its narrative and settings, although I do agree that GTAIV was a departure from the colorful wacky fun that was the III era. I enjoy Saints Row for its more accurate representation of what most people enjoy about sandbox games, which is to dick around like nobody's business, except now they'd actually made that your business so everybody wins!

    That said, I'm eager to see how dogs, added car functions like convertibles, the foreclosure of homes (return of property purchasing?), and the sheer size of that goddamn mountain will blend together for another chapter to the GTA franchise (and if there is a decent golfing mini-simulator, fuck yeah).

    I'm excited, and I never got around to playing GTA: San Andreas, so who knows how I'll feel after I find the time to give that a whirl (and since this is just a teaser trailer, yeah I've got plenty of time)!

  4. Well since you asked...

    All that crackling you have throughout the track? That's called clipping, and to quote Sonic, that's NO GOOD. If you're using FL Studio, open up Fruity Limiter and lower the ceiling to 0dB so you don't go over (going over makes the clipping happen).

    The intro sounds weird because you have just your mallet/keyboard instrument playing and nothing else, so the half step notes you have sound clashing, not to mention the reverb exaggerates the effect.

    Your choice of instruments is decent, but the parts for them are do not compliment them at all. You have the slow-attacking strings playing the melody, and the mallet/keyboard drowns them out because they don't reach the height of their attack in time before moving on with the melody. Some of the effects like the delay at 1:14 don't really add anything of value; it just clutters the sound more so you can't hear the strings.

    The biggest issue I have is the arrangement. It is super-conservative, to the point where you just swapped different parts of the piece around to attempt to give it a new 'feel' (e.g. the fast arpeggio-like B section with the section A melody at the beginning, leading to other combinations later on). There is really no focus or overall structure; the melody at some times is suppose to have prominence but then the next passage the backing part has priority for some reason with the melody nowhere to be found. Then at 1:48 we have some new material, but it's over the same bass and drums we've had the entire mix, and at one point the melody on the strings pops up in the background that doesn't really add anything to compliment the new line.

    So, fix the clipping, perhaps get some new instruments but definitely fix the ones you have, and work on having some type of arrangement rather than the cut-and-paste effort you have now. Nostaglia may not be the best inspiration to draw on, so attempt to find out what it is about the song that you enjoy. The main melody? The fast arpeggio section? Figure out and then work something out from there.

    Also, it was less than a day since you posted the thread; there are some mixes down at the bottom of the page that have no replies in their threads, so try not to be too hasty and bump the thread unnecessarily.

  5. This month brings us the theme of Castlevania! Basically, any game in the beloved series is eligible for remixing, from the heralded original to the puzzle game on the iPhone.

    Our bonus this month is Oktoberfest! If your mix is in the style of a polka, and/or features sounds of drunk people, mug clanking, or general festivity, you'll receive the extra two points on your mix.

  6. http://www.propellerheads.se/substance/discovering-reason/index.cfm?fuseaction=display_main

    Reason and FL are completely different. Check out both demos and give each a fair shake. One will feel more comfortable than the other.


    I used Reason to make Oily Robot Lovin' for zircon's contest last year, and since I've gotten my new rig I've mostly used FL Studio, but knowing that Reason is now 64-bit I'll definitely be grabbing it when I have the cash. I can't do much rewiring now anyhow since I have Reason 4 on my Mac :razz:

  7. As far as I know, Reason can't record (Propellerhead has the whole Record thing for that), so if that's something that has importance to you, then FL Studio might be the better pick.

    That said, I've used both Reason and FL Studio, and like C7 said, Reason got the synths but the 'workflow' can be a bit bothersome if your screen isn't big enough, whereas FL works better with having multiple ways to getting everything accomplished but some if not most of the presents can't really be developed past their defaults. Rewiring the two (or using Reason through FL Studio) would be the ultimate fix to this.

    But if what C7 says is true about it not working on 64-bit, then yet another downside to this nice rig prophetik built me ;_;

  8. pros in what genre of music? it varies widely depending on what kind of music you want to make, and often it varies even within the different subgenres of each kind of music.

    Yeah; pros of the Classical era? Like ambinate said, exposition, development, recapitulation. Pros of the pop music genre? Intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus x2.

    That's my advice was more geared towards the compositional approach, since that's broad enough to cover all genres since you didn't really specify if you were talking about orchestral or phat beatz.

  9. exposition




    Since I frequently got composer's block in college, I'd make it a point to ask teachers what methods they used to kick it. One suggestion is to not write the whole piece from beginning to finish. Write the ending first, or save the intro until you've got something to introduce. Have a bunch of ideas you want to put in a piece but don't cement them in order; see if one works better before or after another. It's really easy to get stuck in a mindset of going from point A to point B, but you have to remember that's what the outcome will be. Nobody will know if you wrote the thing backwards, and even if you told anyone, some wouldn't care, and some might like the piece even more.

    Also, it's usually helpful to plan out the entire thing first, and then start working, changing things as you go that don't suit your liking. Most of my composer's block on my current mix was due to the fact that I was writing it as I went, so when I finished a section I was like "Alright...now what," and then have to figure it out, rather than having it waiting for me.

    BUT, to answer the topic at hand, however many sections you damn well please! I would call slight changes A* & B* (* = prime, so A-prime, B-prime, Metroid-prime, etc.) so that you know it's the same section occuring with a slight change rather than having sections A-E with B through E all being slight variations of A. That way you can organize a bit better with ideas and not go too extreme with labeling; however, that's just how I would do it. As Ecto said, it varies from person to person on the method that you choose to use.

  10. Yeah, you know me, Bobby. I do have the ability to control the general nasalness of my voice, and while it wasn't completely intended here, I wanted to shoot for an upper diaphragm vocal tone. Something that would be as light and sparkly as the subject matter, so if there's any particular phrases that you feel are over-nasal, point them out and I'll re-record to see how they sound moving a bit more away from the nose. Though yes, I think this style does suit the song. And thanks for the encouragment! Gotta do something while finishing up the Muffins tracks and waiting for other brass ;)

    Ok, so these were the phrases that stuck out to me. The underline indicate the start of going nasal, and the bold is the sore thumb that sticks out the most.

    The path is paved

    With colors filled with light

    They cast a

    Radiant glow

    No end in sight

    Now that you're here with me

    Let's chase the

    Eternal rainbow


    We've crossed the line

    While we would love to stay

    Our ride has

    Come to a close

    Depending on how you feel about my criticism and doing a re-record, 'Journeys unfold' could be another phrase that sticks out, but as of right now it doesn't go 'nasaly' enough to warrant redoing.

    I did the whole underline/bold thing to point out where I think the worst offenders were, and whether or not you would feel re-recording the whole phrase was necessary or just doing a selective word.

    My 2¢, for what you think it's worth after inflation :razz:

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