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  1. You haven't heard SAiNT 420's version of the song, called SoS. I think he did a good job. Anyway, this is what I call a ReMix. Unknown does good work. I also have his Dragon Warrior ReMixes (both kick ass). So yeah. Good job there Unknown!
  2. Yeah, once RIAA casts "Metallica lawsuit" level 99, there isn't much for a main charecter to do, except flee the World Map, or use every last ounce of gold to summon "Ultimate Lawer level 99." Pfft! i got nothing to worry about, because I'm not 12 years old!
  3. i think that kefka, or sephy get coolest boss, but that's not this topic, so i think the hardest boss would have to be the ultimate slime thingy at the end of that long assed dungeon. if i remember correctly, you have to kill him in like 3 or so turns, or he runs away or sumthin lame like that. next would have to be the ultimate dragon from the same game. the one u fight if you collect its eggs or sumthin like that. with 65,565 hp, he has like the largest amount of hp a character can possibly have in an snes game. i spent hours devising strategies to kill him, so i wouldn't have to check the i
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